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  1. Chadjg82

    Question about adding fruit

    Hey guys. I’m pretty new to mead making. I have a traditional batch with I already stabilized and racked once. I was wondering if I missed the window to add fruit? If not, what would the process be? Would I just add the fruit to the current carboy or add fruit to a sanitized carboy and rack it...
  2. S

    Adding pasteurized POM pomegrante juice to secondary

    Hi, I will add POM pomegranate juice that has been flash pasteurized to my secondary fermenter. Do I need to prep the juice at all, such as using campden tablets, or can I just add the juice as is? Should I try to sanitize the lid of the juice container before pouring in? Please let me know...
  3. wulfsburg

    Another fruit in the beer thread. With questions.

    I have many questions about adding fruit flavor to beers. I want to add peach flavor to my cream ale. I have searched the forums and am having trouble getting a straight answer. This is my 4th batch and it is a cream ale recipe from Northern Brewer that I want to modify. I am going to ferment it...
  4. Byrdbrewer

    liquid fruit flavors

    I just recently picked up some fruit flavorings (liquid) from a local brew shop, and I plan on experimenting with all of them, so I don’t want to just dump ¼ of the bottle in the bottling bucket like you normally would. Has anyone used an eye dropper to flavor bottles individually? I’m bottling...