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  1. P

    Asking for a bottle bomb?

    I am going to make a mango-wheat beer that uses 2 quarts of Mango Nectar in a secondary fermentation vessel. Am I asking to make a bottle bomb if I prime this like a normal beer? My concern is, will the fruit nectar have sugars that will already carbonate in the bottle? Will adding additional...
  2. ElliotFekete

    Secondary Fermentation

    Hi All, Looking to brew my first all grain beer using fruit. As part of the recipe I need add fruit to the beer in secondary fermentation. What's the benefit of transferring to a separate secondary fermenter vs. just adding in the fruit into the primary once primary fermentation is complete...
  3. countercultureferments

    Bottling Fruit Beer

    Hey all, I am bottling for the first time in about two years after getting kegs. Bottling a cherry Sour for a friend. Going through fermentation right now and racking the beer onto the Cherry's prior to bottle transfer. Do i need to add carb drops or sugar to the mixture to ensure carbonation in...
  4. B

    Fruit beer kegging and yeast killer

    I kegged for the first time this summer… blueberry wheat… when it was new, it had a nice light blueberry flavor, towards the end, there is no blueberry flavor at all…I have a question: how do you preserve the fruit flavor? Now that I’m kegging, can I use a yeast killer?
  5. F

    how can I modify a Brew Kit to brew fruit beer?

    Hello all, first post here. I recently got a gift from work, I got a Brooklyn Brew Kit: Everyday IPA. This is the first time I have entertained the idea of making beer and I was wondering if there was a way to modify this specific kit to brew a lighter fruit beer. I am in Miami so I have access...
  6. Nozomu

    Fruited Kettle Sours

    Hey, Have any of you attempted brewing those smoothie style fruited kettle sours? stuff like the veil or trilliums daily serving series. If so, can you give any advice regarding how to go about it. Would be interested to see your attempts too. Cheers
  7. W

    What is the thinking behind adding fruit later in fermentation?

    I'm about to start my first fruit (papaya) sour (using the very easy method from this thread Fast Souring - Modern Methods) I know general practice is to add the fruit after initial fermentation subsides, but what is the reasoning behind this? Is it to preserve the fruit flavour or yeast...
  8. D

    Brewing With Cherries

    There are a few main considerations to be aware of when you decide you’re going to add cherries to your homebrew. The quantity and type of cherries, their condition, and the brewing stage to add the fruit are all important aspects of preparing a delicious final product. What Type of Cherries...
  9. S

    Peach IPA- dry hopping with fruit

    Hi-beginner brewer. I have brewed a few times using kits with success and will be using another kit to brew an ipa. The recipe calls for dry hopping but I also plan on adding peaches to a secondary. My mind is made up, I’m adding peaches and you can’t stop me. I know you don’t NEED a secondary...
  10. W

    Canned Papaya beer query

    Hi guys, A local shop has 5kg cans of papaya on sale for veryyyy cheap. I was thinking of making a simple pale ale then racking off onto the papaya for secondary fermentation (or just adding late in primary to save the hassle of racking). My question involves if there's any issues with the...
  11. JP2013

    Kegging my first NEIPA-advice needed

    hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for hopefully offering your insights. I’m about to brew my first 5 gallon NEIPA (all grain), but I have a few questions about my kegging schedule. I've looked at close to 15-20 different NEIPA recipes while developing mine, and...
  12. BilltownBrewingCo

    "Nordic Princess" Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all. I am in the fermentation stage with this beer, despite not having a ton of info on Voss Kveik and the flavors it imparts in wheat beers. I also have not brewed with Raspberries in the past, and would like some advice. Just a bit about brew day- We hit our OG right on the button at...
  13. Burndog

    How to Calculate the fermentable sugar in fruits?

    Hello, Working on a Raspberry IPA and using 4#s of pureed raspberries added in Beersmith 2.0 as "Other" in a 6 gal batch. Raspberries are added at 90% of fermentation completion so as to let the yeast eat the available sugars and not make the beer overly sweet. And suggestions on calculating...
  14. AbeLogan

    Brewing with fruit preserves?

    I'm using the Mr. Beer 2-gallon fermenter, and I've made a lot of fruit beers that turned out great using canned fruit pureed in a blender. I want to make a beer with a strong apricot taste to it and high alcohol content, so I picked up a can of apricots to throw in the blender, and I also...
  15. H

    Using fruit in beer

    I made a cream ale recently and when ready I'll split into 3 smaller secondary containers and plan to add fruit. Peaches, raspberries and blueberries, all fresh from the tree/vine! I tried raspberries once last year and they watered down the porter significantly. What tips do y'all have on...
  16. 6midgets

    How long to fruit?

    I recently brewed a Kettle sour. I had a starting gravity of 1.048. I let it ferment down to a gravity of 1.015. I then racked it onto 5# of kiwis and 5#of green pears. I saw airlock activity for 3 days after i added the fruit. My question is how long should i keep it on fruit before i keg?
  17. DaveCS

    “Funkin” Purees?

    Hi All, I’m still “new” to all grain and just coming back after 25+ year absence to the hobby - I’m looking at fruit purees (as I’ve read these may be good to add into a secondary) and I’m curious if anyone’s had experience with the “Funkin” brand of purees that are available via Amazon... for...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Mango American Ale Help

    Hi All, I'm planning to do a Mango Ale and i was curious as to the best way to go for this. From what I've read, it seems like there's 5 different routes i could go as far as what mango to use as well as 2 different methods for adding it. The 5 different routes i've read say to either use 1)...