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  1. Sergiy

    Frozen wlp yeast

    Hi everyone, I put my wlp yeast in freezer by mistake and pack was there for about 2 week. Do I have a chance with a starter or they are dead?
  2. N

    Hydrometer readings with whole fruit

    I am thinking about making my first batch of wine. I have a bunch of blueberries frozen that I can thaw out and use. I just got a two gallon fermenting bucket. I was figuring I would find a recipe I liked and fill that bucket. I will probably try to put the thawed blueberries into a paint...
  3. C

    Frozen Fruit Thawing

    Hi all, New to the forum and wine making. Girlfriend and I have tried a couple wine/mead kits and now are now trying our own. We have about 6lbs of picked fresh strawberries that we cleaned and froze. If anyone would be so kind as to provide some more specifics details on the dethawing...
  4. S


    A couple weeks ago I brewed a big ~9 gallon batch of Gavin's Glorious Pilsner for a party coming up in June. Everything went way too well. Hit my numbers all the way through, fermented at 53F in the freezer plugged into Inkbird control, packaged into two 5 gallon cornys and dropped it to 33F at...
  5. Esben

    Beer frozen... Help!

    Unfortunately my homebuilt temperature controlled fermentation freezer went haywire and froze my Hefe Weizen in the making. Primary fermentation was done (one week in, no more bubbles). Should I repitch or will any yeast (wlp300) have survived at all? Help :(