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  1. C

    Side by Side Fridge to Kegerator and Ferm Chamber

    Hey everybody, So I have made many posts about this and read many threads and gathered countless amounts of information but I am looking for a few more answers. I recently got back to my refrigerator which I intend to turn the freezer side into a kegerator with two taps and the fridge side into...
  2. Hobbsta

    Frigidaire FFHT1817LS8 - want to drill sides for CO2 line

    I just purchased a 2nd hand Frigidaire FFHT1817LS8 over/under stainless door fridge that I am converting into a kegerator, and want to drill a hole in the side for CO2 line access. Question is, are there coils in the sides of the fridge? I cannot find anything through a google search on the...
  3. Jtk78

    My side by side to kegerator conversion

    This is my journey of converting an upright refrigerator to a kegerator. Both the fridge and the freezer will be used to house kegs and need to be the same temperature. I will update the thread as I do more to it. DISCLAIMER: I will not guarantee any of my modifications will work on your model...