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fresh hops

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  1. EdWort

    Second try at hops

    Howdy, It's been a long time since I've posted and this year I've decided to give hops another try in central Texas. This time, it was 4 Cascade rhizomes, but planted in a large deep water trough using the same setup for the twine for the hop bines to climb. So far so good. One has reached...
  2. S

    Fresh Hop price curiosity, have you ever bought any and what is a good price?

    So an opportunity to possibly buy some fresh hops straight from a farm has presented itself to me. I know that for most homebrewers dried, or pellet hops are what is typically used. However, has any one here ever used fresh "wet" hops, and if so what kind of price did you pay for them. I know...