french saison

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  1. snarf7

    WLP590 Saison

    I'm interested in hearing some feedback from folks who've used this strain and liked the results. I'm shooting for light to medium levels of fruit and spice (something that brings to mind apples, pears, honey with a little spicy kick to it). I want to shy away from the big punch of clove and...
  2. dirtybear7

    Raising Temp on #3711 French Saison Yeast??

    I'm brewing an overly strong Saison style ale S.G. 1.091 using the yeast from an earlier 5gl batch of regular Saison. It seems to be moving along fine by the looks of things and is still bubbling away after seven days. The Fermentometer on the side of the carboy reads 74F-76F. Is there any...