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  1. K

    The Manfish Keezer Build

    If you are anything like me, once you are satisfied with the quality of the beer you are brewing, you will want to have a nice place where you can serve it to your to friends and family. Eventually I decided to build a bar so we could all sit together and enjoy the fruits of my labor. But as...
  2. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft: Chest Freezer Fermentations

    I have been using my BrewsBySmith Fermentation Kit for about nine months now and it has undoubtedly become an integral part of my brewing process. I've grown so attached to the way I can set it to accurately control the temperature of my fermenting beer that I won't ferment another batch of...
  3. Jimmyco

    Running tubing through freezer for wort chilling

    Background: Many people just run tap water through their wort chillers to chill their wort, (1) in Arizona that would never work and (2) I hate wasting water like that. I bought a submersible pond pump and recirculate the water through an ice chest with ice water, it takes 7 minutes. It looks...
  4. 8

    How long do hops keep

    So, I done a stupid and put my hops in the fridge instead of the freezer after getting home from the homebrew shop. I put them in the freezer after about 5 days but I'm not convinced they're still good. I've got 3 oz. of pellet hops in non vacuum sealed bags (my local shop sells them in bulk in...
  5. TheBrewBrotha

    Keeping freezer condensation down!

    Hello fellow brewers! I am reaching out today to understand how everyone is keeping their condensation down in chest freezers used as ferm chambers? I have a two inkbird connected 10 cu. ft freezers out of three that just will not stop "pooling" water at the bottom/floor and it's driving me...

    JSBULL's Keezer Build

    Well, this was my first metalworking and first woodworking project. I'm surprised the wife approved it, but it turned out well. Here's how it all went down. First, the finished product: So, I started by making a rolling base. I later had to find a way to cut it off because the swivel wheels...
  7. N

    Walk in Cold Room

    I have a all stainless cold room I have been fermenting in. Holds stable lager temps even on hot days. 5'w x 10'l x 8'h. 4" insulation, camlock panel construction. Insulated door. Comes with evaporator. I don't need this anymore, just purchased newer one. My loss, your gain.
  8. pbfl81

    Keg / PSI / Temperature

    Hi - (First time kegging) I'd like advice on suitable chest freezer temperature and recommended PSI please for a 5gallon keg of Chinook IPA. Using a 5lb tank of Co2. I assume once i get advice on the temperature I'll be able to use a chart i found online for figuring out the PSI. Thanks.
  9. S

    Another side by side kegerator/fermentation chamber build

    I'm new to home brewing - have only brewed a few batches. I've been having some issues with a sour smell to my last few batches and noticed my pantry is getting a little warm, so I decided to go ahead and make a fermentation chamber. My dad had this old fridge, so I got to work and knocked it...
  10. T

    Getting the most out of a single chest freezer

    I've only brewed a half dozen batches of beer so far, but I've tried to learn and improve with each batch. My efforts have led to full batch boils, better yeast pitching rates and more thoughtful temperature control. (Got a category ribbon in my first contest!) I tend to prefer ales, but I'm...