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  1. R

    Cinnamon stick in the bottle...?

    This year the harvest from the orchard was the best in recent memory. Heck, I'm pretty sure it was the best year my family ever had. Especially the Cortlands. I had enough bushels, I could have made just under a hecto of xxx batch. But with the cold weather, I bet that batch would have frozen a...
  2. EnglishAndy

    Freezing yeast: best glycerine/water/yeast ratio?

    I've read all tutorials here and on the wider internet and am still a bit unsure of the best ratios to use for glycerine, water and yeast slurry. I have the kit: 20ml autoclavable glass jars with screw tops, dropper pipette, pressure cooker. I have yeast that I want to freeze from an overbuilt...