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    To those who have added an all-in-one as a *second* brew system...

    I'm an outdoor propane brewer, but I'm thinking of adding an all-in-one system (most likely the Anvil Foundry) to allow me to brew when the weather is bad / too cold / too hot, as well as maybe sneak in some weeknight batches. How do you guys like having one of these as a second / backup...
  2. L

    Getting 220V to Anvil Foundry

    Question on the Foundary and 220V. I just ordered the Foundry 10.5 system with pump kit. According to my HBS it is on backorder unitl mid-July pending pump availability. Whilst I wait for my system, I'm ponding getting 220V to it. I've read a number of posts on 220V and GFCI which leads me to...