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    13 gal elec HLT ($260), 18.5 gal elec BK ($320), 14.5 gal SS conical ($500); Weymouth, MA

    Update to previous listing with just the HLT. Retooling my 12 gallon 3 vessel electric herms into a 6 gallon 2 vessel rims, selling larger pots and fermenter. Pots are heavy-duty with tri-clad induction compatible base, made by Homichef. Electric coils in each are 240v Blichmann. 13 gallon pot...
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    Massachusetts Getting out of the game - Grain and extract brew gear

    --Edit, some items sold (noted below) and price reduced to reflect: Grain mill Cooler mash tun Glass carboy Stainless immersion cooler Stir plate and two liter flask One extract kit Dextrose and rice hulls --Edit I collected a bunch of gear expecting to brew a lot more than I have, so it's...