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    Inconsistent flow when filling bottles.

    I brew 5 gallons every month, it all goes into 12 ounce bottles from a bottling bucket with a spigot, 4 feet of tube and a plastic wand with a spring-action shut-off. Been brewing since 1986 and this is the weirdest problem. Some bottles fill at normal speed, but many fill at an excruciatingly...
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    Cleaning the Grainfather (Counter Flow Chiller) CFC after a long hiatus

    Hi all! I have had a grainfather for a while now but have had a brewing hiatus. I find it hard to fully drain the CFC free of water. I picked up the CFC yesteday and realized that it had not drained completely, meaning that there has been water inside it or two or three months. My normal...
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    Newer corny kegs with ball locks restricting flow

    Here is the brief story. Midwest tempted me to replace my old corny kegs with newer, shinier corny kegs made in India. I had a batch served out of these with the same beer line and connectors. No problem. I started having flow issues with the same setup on the next batch when I pressure...