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    Raspberrypints flowmeter help

    Hi and thanks for the add to group. Not sure if anyone can help but here's a question to the brains trust. I'm running raspberrypints on a raspberry pi zero w. I have 10 yf-s201 flow meters, still need to get a arduino uno or a wemo D1 mini ESP8266 ( or can I hook the 10 flowmetes direct to...
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    Swiss Flow Meters (3)

    I have 3 unopened swiss flow meters for sale. Selling the lot for $150 with free shipping or individually for $60 each, free shipping. Heres the link to the product they cost $60 new + $20 shipping if bought direct from Swiss Flow. http://www.swissflow.com/sf800.html
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    Water volume with flow meter

    So this is different than other inquiries that I found so I am hoping for some guidance / help in this realm. I have installed a flow meter prior to my water filter. As you will see with the pictures and links etc. I have wire the flow meter to the RPI based on the diagrams I have found. (...