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  1. D

    Greetings from South Florida! (Miami/FL Keys)

    Hey there! Just wanted to introduce my self. I'll keep this introduction short and brief. I'm currently from the Miami/FL keys area. I've been barbacking for over a year now. Starting from the winery and a few local breweries. From what I learned is that each brewery and bar work differently...
  2. J

    For Sale Free Tap-a-Draft and 2 Cases of 12oz Bottles

    Hi, I've moved full into kegging (actually years ago) and I'm looking to clear some space from the attic. This stuff is free to anyone who wants it. I'd rather not mail it, but can meet you either in Orlando, Melbourne, or Lakeland. The tap-a-draft system is one of the older style ones from...
  3. Joshiwa300brewing

    For Sale Electric BIAB Florida

    Looking to sell everything, have ebrewsupply electrical controller, 5500 watt stainless heating element, spike 15 gallon kettle with false bottom to cover element ( I used brew in a bag ) and rain spout in lid of kettle, riptide pump and hoses, 2 - big mouth bubblers, 2 kegs, temperature...
  4. Holy_Grail_Reference

    2.5 Gallon ball lock kegs

    In Orlando, Florida. Really want a local pickup (say anywhere between Tampa to Jax). Let me know if you are selling because I am buying.
  5. Holy_Grail_Reference

    [FLORIDA] Ball Lock Corny Kegs

    Before I resign myself to purchasing ball lock kegs from a supplier for shipment to me, does anyone in the Central Florida area have any for sale? Willing to drive up to 30 miles for the. I am smack dab in the middle of Orlando.
  6. Joshiwa300brewing

    Florida Custom Welded Spike 10GAL HERMS setup

    3 spike brewing custom welded 10 gallon kettles all have dial thermometers with whirlpool in boil kettle, sparge arm and false bottom for mash tun and HLT. 2 propane burners Silver serpent stainless wort chiller that has attached cam lock fittings and can be used for HERMS coil One March SS...
  7. Joshiwa300brewing

    Florida HERMS SETUP FOR SALE $1000 OBO

    3 spike brewing custom 10 gallon kettles with whirlpool in boil kettle, sparge arm and false bottom for mash tun and HLT. External electrical 120v element for maintaining HLT temp 2 propane burners 1 a bayou classic, one a dark star replica Silver serpent stainless wort chiller with 2 cam...
  8. Evan La Marr

    Brett Beers in So Flo

    hey everyone, I’m new to home brewing and keep hearing about Brettanomyces, and I’d love to try it! Thing is, I don’t know any beers that have it, and when I look them up, I’ve never noticed any that I’ve seen in beer stores here. I live near Fort Lauderdale, so does anybody know of any craft...
  9. E

    Florida Taprite Primary Wye Regulator ($70 + shipping OBO)

    Purchased directly from Keg Connection in January 2018 for $73 + shipping. This regulator is essentially brand new. It's been used for a month in my kegerator, zero leaks and performs flawlessly. Comes with MFL fittings and 5/16" barbs. I'll even throw in the ~2' worth of gas tubing I have...
  10. bbqguy

    Greetings from Tampa

    I used to visit this forum alot when I started experimenting with extracts. I lost track of the forum until I received a newsletter in my e-mail on Friday (thanks for reminding me). I'd like to switch to all grain methods to stay challenged and keep learning, but other than reading about what...