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  1. Joshiwa300brewing

    For Sale Electric BIAB Florida

    Looking to sell everything, have ebrewsupply electrical controller, 5500 watt stainless heating element, spike 15 gallon kettle with false bottom to cover element ( I used brew in a bag ) and rain spout in lid of kettle, riptide pump and hoses, 2 - big mouth bubblers, 2 kegs, temperature...
  2. Holy_Grail_Reference

    2.5 Gallon ball lock kegs

    In Orlando, Florida. Really want a local pickup (say anywhere between Tampa to Jax). Let me know if you are selling because I am buying.
  3. Holy_Grail_Reference

    [FLORIDA] Ball Lock Corny Kegs

    Before I resign myself to purchasing ball lock kegs from a supplier for shipment to me, does anyone in the Central Florida area have any for sale? Willing to drive up to 30 miles for the. I am smack dab in the middle of Orlando.
  4. Joshiwa300brewing

    Florida Custom Welded Spike 10GAL HERMS setup

    3 spike brewing custom welded 10 gallon kettles all have dial thermometers with whirlpool in boil kettle, sparge arm and false bottom for mash tun and HLT. 2 propane burners Silver serpent stainless wort chiller that has attached cam lock fittings and can be used for HERMS coil One March SS...
  5. Joshiwa300brewing

    Florida HERMS SETUP FOR SALE $1000 OBO

    3 spike brewing custom 10 gallon kettles with whirlpool in boil kettle, sparge arm and false bottom for mash tun and HLT. External electrical 120v element for maintaining HLT temp 2 propane burners 1 a bayou classic, one a dark star replica Silver serpent stainless wort chiller with 2 cam...
  6. Evan La Marr

    Brett Beers in So Flo

    hey everyone, I’m new to home brewing and keep hearing about Brettanomyces, and I’d love to try it! Thing is, I don’t know any beers that have it, and when I look them up, I’ve never noticed any that I’ve seen in beer stores here. I live near Fort Lauderdale, so does anybody know of any craft...
  7. E

    Florida Taprite Primary Wye Regulator ($70 + shipping OBO)

    Purchased directly from Keg Connection in January 2018 for $73 + shipping. This regulator is essentially brand new. It's been used for a month in my kegerator, zero leaks and performs flawlessly. Comes with MFL fittings and 5/16" barbs. I'll even throw in the ~2' worth of gas tubing I have...
  8. bbqguy

    Greetings from Tampa

    I used to visit this forum alot when I started experimenting with extracts. I lost track of the forum until I received a newsletter in my e-mail on Friday (thanks for reminding me). I'd like to switch to all grain methods to stay challenged and keep learning, but other than reading about what...