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  1. Beernoob88

    Adding fruit or flavoring to a sour beer...

    So I am in the middle of making a sour beer using Philly Sour yeast. I'm about 5 days into fermentation and I was debating on what fruits to add. (Recipe below) When I was at my brew shop in town I saw some Brewers Best Natural Flavor bottles. I picked up Peach and Raspberry. My original plan...
  2. gatewood

    Seasoning your homebrews

    Hey ppl! I've begun wondering how could I begin spicing up my stale, plain sugar homebrews and fruit wines. I've read that, for example, red wines get some seasoning (if thats the correct word) from the wooden casks they are fermented in. So I took the tip and began gathering some of the...
  3. snarf7

    Mid and late hop additions - how much flavor vs bitterness?

    OK, so I've had good success using high AA hop choices @ 60mins (Summit, Magnum, Simocoe) and then saving my more typical flavor hops for late in the boil or after flameout (Citra, Cascade, Wilamette, etc) but is there any science to this? Like how much flavor am I getting @ 30min? 20min? 10min...
  4. H

    How do I flavour my mead?

    IImade my first ever batch of mead and I wanted to give my mead an interesting, kind of smokey/woody taste, and I was wondering if adding some charred Oak in a cheesecloth would be enough or whether I actually have to age it in a barrel. Problem is I'm strapped for cash so I wanted to know if...
  5. hufcat05

    Brewed a smokey lager and the smoke flavor disappeared?!

    So I decided to experiment with a smokey lager. Started with a Munich Helles and tossed in some peated malts for the smoke flavor. About 5 days into carbonation phase (12 days into lager rest) I lost patience and tapped it. It had a distinct smoke flavor to it that was very pleasant. It's now 4...
  6. L

    Lessening the "Yeast" Smell?

    So, I think my mead has finished fermenting, it has a bite to it and has cleared drastically just sitting in the dark for a few weeks. I racked it off the thick layer of lees that had developed the other day and I do admit, I played with it a little. I made a sort of whiskey extract using...
  7. Delkins687

    Cold to the taste

    hey guys i'm new to brewing and i am just finishing up my first elderberry wine in memory of my grandpa, and i had an interesting idea for my next project. So once a week my friends and i get together and play d&d. In one of our sessions my character was the last person standing to going head...