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  1. Bubbles2

    Adding Flavors like Coffee and or Choclate

    Greetings Y'all, Thanks for looking in. I've been surfing on here and I cannot figure when and how to add my flavors. Many of you state to leave it (the brew) alone and do not worry about a Clearing Secondary jug. "Secondary are for the purest". I have a 6.5 gal Big Mouth Bubbler as my...
  2. G

    Flavoring Help

    Alright guys my first batch is in bottles and my 2nd batch is in the primary, and I was wanting to mess around with some flavors for my third batch (still dont know how any of my beers taste but I figure its better to just keep it rolling rather than wait and drink a batch before starting the...
  3. Byrdbrewer

    liquid fruit flavors

    I just recently picked up some fruit flavorings (liquid) from a local brew shop, and I plan on experimenting with all of them, so I don’t want to just dump ¼ of the bottle in the bottling bucket like you normally would. Has anyone used an eye dropper to flavor bottles individually? I’m bottling...