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  1. I

    Beer sometimes tastes and looks different

    Hi I have made a Coopers Lager kit and it has been bottled for over 8 weeks or so now. Sometimes the beer is perfect from this batch and has a very good head (lasting over 10 or so minutes) and not loads of fizz and doesn't taste yeasty. But most of the time there is a lot of fizz, fizzy head...
  2. davielovesgravy

    Is adding priming sugar for a fizzy cider the same as for lager

    Howdy all i am just making my first cider kit and the instructions that come with it describe adding the priming sugar by batch priming, however I usually just prime each bottle when making lager, so would adding the same amount that I add when brewing lager, approx one teaspoon of brewing...
  3. I

    Large batch question

    So I've been making small batches of Booch with no problem whatsoever but now that I am trying to make a large batch, there is no fizz. Absolutely none at all. No matter what I do. I've tried adding sugar to 2F and then doing 3F bottling. I've tried adding pulpy fruits. I have tried adding that...