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  1. Jerry Updike

    Top of Poppet leaking on Pin Keg

    One of the poppets on one of my pin-lock kegs has a very slow leak, we’re talking not even drops more like super slow pooling onto the top of the liquid line poppet (I have since attached a pig spigot line to control it). I have come to find out that the keg I have has a self contained poppet...
  2. beervoid

    Fixing a Stout finishing @ 1.031 FG

    Hello everyone I decided to open a separate topic on this. I recently failed to properly mash a stout and was left with it at 1.031 FG. OG was 1.056 so it's now a thick sweet potion with only 3% or so. Is there anyway to save this baby? I was thinking of adding straight burboun to bump up the...