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    A Year In Review - Lessons Learned

    September 27th marked the 1st anniversary for me and my new found love Homebrewing! I jumped into all grain brewing with both feet after first reading John Palmer's How To Brew. I scoured tons of forums and homebrew community sites in search of the most detailed information and the best setup I...
  2. M

    First Brew: Is This a SCOBY?

    Hi fellow bucha brewers, As the title states, this is my first time brewing and I'm concerned about the SCOBY that's growing in my jar. It doesn't look consistent with other pictures of growing SCOBYs and videos of SCOBY time-lapses. Should it look wrinkled like this or am I in trouble? Sorry...
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    Attemptin Melomel

    Hello all, I'm looking at creating my first melomel though I need some help/advice if anybody is willing to do so. I am looking to make a 1 gallon batch of plum and a 1 gallon batch of blackberry. So question number 1. When making a melomel do you have to take into account the natural sugars...