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  1. HemanBrew

    First wort hop addition, what hop to use?

    Hi. If I want to try first wort hop addition, what hop should I use? Normally I use Magnum for bittering. Should I use that or is the whole point of firs wort to use more flavored hops, maybe Citra or Cascade or Mosaic? Any ideas or wisdom to share?
  2. Wyrmwood

    Brewtarget 2.3.0 First Wort Hops

    The github thread on this issue with First Wort Hops is closed, There seems to be some confusion about when or if this issue is fixed. According to the thread, it's fixed in 2.3.1, but on the download page...
  3. Ouroboros

    Questions on a hefeweizen recipe

    Any input on this recipe would be appreciated! Hefeweizens are tasty summer beers and a good chance for me to try out decoction mashing. I'm assuming 60% efficiency in the mash. This is only my second all-grain, and 60% was my extraction efficiency the first time around. If the decoction...