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  1. rutheyrocks

    New to Homebrew!!

    Hello!!! I'm new to home brewing and this community... j I got a little excited and was totally bitten by the beer brewing bug after my first batch of IPA turned out brilliantly (it was a kit!). I think a bit of false confidence got to me, so I decided to go kit free and am now attempting to...
  2. F

    First time brewer — bung and airlock popped off

    Help!! I’m new and made a cherry mead on the first attempt yesterday afternoon. The bung started slipping out. I read in another form that will happen if the bung and throat of the bottle are wet. So I re-sanitized the bung and dried the side before replacing it. That seemed to work for a...
  3. B

    Where did I go wrong?

    I'm a first timer and followed this recipe to a t about three months ago with 3 lbs of honey. What I have now is about a gallon of liquid that looks like Mott's clear apple juice and smells like it...
  4. Box

    New to this and could use some help, first timer

    Hello all! Been doing some cruising on here and finally signed up, on to the topic at hand; with the closure of liquor stores and a interest in homebrewing I recently started a process to make my own alcohol. As in making a sugar syrup and adding dry yeast and letting nature do its thing. Most...
  5. SanJuanWorm

    Pitched my first~!

    Hi Folks, hope you're all keeping busy at home, and getting outside when you can. Crazy times, indeed! On my first foray into hard cider! Doing 19L, got a 1.090 for the initial, and I am using E1118 yeasties. I pitched 30min ago! Woohoo! Trying a Drunken Emu clone, with some extra sugar. Also...