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  1. Terrance Chief

    Hello from the Canadian prairies!

    I am brand spanking new to home brewing! Enjoying all the threads I'm reading here. Trying 2 different batches at the same time for my first time. I just ordered 1 kg(2.2 lbs) of raw unpasteurized honey and 2 kg(4.4 lbs) of unpasteurized wildflower honey. Planning to make an orange and blueberry...
  2. Rett03

    Is my yeast top or bottom fermenting?

    I am on my first ever batch of beer and I had a concern about yeast. I used active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) which is a top-fermenting yeast, but as the fermentation started, it looks like a bottom fermenting reaction. There’s about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of sediment on the bottom and no...
  3. ForkJohn

    Want to make a Belgian Tripel, but don't have a way of chilling fermenter

    Hi Guys, So I was looking at brewing a Belgian Tripel, however, it seems all the instructions on fermentation require I lager the beer. Unfortunately I don't have a kegerator or any way of chilling down the temperature, unfortunately it'll likely have to stay in room temp. I plan on leaving...
  4. K

    Newbie Brewing

    Before I bought my first Mr. Beer kit, homebrewing was not something I had given much thought to. I mean, I drank in my younger days, but not after I got married. I enjoyed a nice cocktail every once in a while, but rarely did I ever drink beer. This was mostly because I knew nothing of craft...
  5. D

    First time bottler

    Hello all, I'll be bottling my first batch ever this coming Sunday after a two week fermentation process. The brewing and fermintation process seemed straight-forward enough with the instructions in my kit but the bottling day instructions are a little less detailed, so it left me wondering...
  6. ChaosB

    1st Time Brewer - 3 Vessel SS Brewtech HERMs System

    I've been researching, purchasing, and building my first homebrew setup since October 18. I'm an American currently living in South Korea. Finally getting closer to my first brew day. Still need another Hellfire burner and tower of power gas controller but I went ahead and tested my plumbing out...
  7. jd410

    New Keezer/ c02 hissing st keg connection

    Hey Everyone, I just built my keezer. I put my first batch in a keg today and set everything up. I followed a video on YouTube about purging the keg and i now have the c02 level at 12 psi and I'm doing the set it and forget it carbonation. I hear a hissing of c02. Is that normal since its slowly...