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  1. A

    First time brewing HELP

    Hello, first time brewing here. I bought a Beer kit two days ago from Amazon, I actually han a Lot of problems while brewing, instructions were messed up and I figured out that my kit did not include the malt extract while I was actually about to use it. I quickly googled out, and found that I...
  2. J

    Mead recipe and first time.

    So...I decided to try to make mead... I used this: - 1Kg of local honey; - 4L of filtered water (3.5L hot and 0.5L room temperature); - 6 raisins (chopped in half); - Lemon peel (the outer skin only); - Tangerine peel (the outer skin only); - 1 lemon juice; - 1/2 cinnamon stick; - fresh herbs...
  3. R

    Fruit molding.

    Hello I made my first batch of mead and have a question about the fruit. The fruits I used is floating at water level. The fruit above water line has mold on it. Will it be safe to drink? Is this normal?? Did I do something wrong??? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks raiders.
  4. rutheyrocks

    New to Homebrew!!

    Hello!!! I'm new to home brewing and this community... j I got a little excited and was totally bitten by the beer brewing bug after my first batch of IPA turned out brilliantly (it was a kit!). I think a bit of false confidence got to me, so I decided to go kit free and am now attempting to...
  5. D

    Is this an infection?

    Hi. I am new to brewing. This being my first time. I opened up my fermentor to bottle my beer and it has this white spots on it. I am wondering if it is safe to bottle or if it is infected? I have attached the picture. What do you think?