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  1. Merds

    Chocolate Milk Stout - fermentation question

    Morning! I'm new to home brewing and started fermenting my first batch last week. Everything seems to be going well - keeping temp around 64-66 degrees and happily bubbling away. My question is this - the recipe calls for 1-2 weeks primary, then add chocolate nibs (which I will soak in Vodka to...
  2. C

    new wine maker in need of some guidence

    Hello all, I am new to making wine and have got somewhat mixed messages from all the websites online on making wine, though i have gotten some good info also. But my first problem/question of sorts is: I have 8 lbs of chokecherries that my brother in law has picked and frozen. I decided to...
  3. aleiexjr

    My first beer recipe (Red Ale) any suggestions?

    Hello there! I'm finally going to try my very first recipe. I designed it using the trial version of BeerSmith 1.4and I'd like to make a Red Ale (I used the sugested amounts for an Irish Red Ale) and here is what I got: Irish Red Ale Malt extract and grains (all weyermann) 6.17 lb...