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  1. William Wallace

    Is my cyser contaminated?

    Hello everyone, im new at home brewing and have tried my hand at cyser. I used 3lb of orange blossom honey, 1.5 liters of Treetop apple juice, D47 Lavlin yeast, and some dry yeast nurients. I am 4 weeks into fermentation and noticed this film at the top of the brew. It was rather frothy in the...
  2. parks1031

    Cyser First Attempt

    Like the title says! Had a buddy buy some top notch cider from a farm in Maryland and found some orange blossom honey at a farmers market. Making a 1.5 gal batch with a starting gravity of 1.07 and used Lalvin 71b for the yeast. Going to use the TOSNA 2.0 calculator for nutrients (.9g of...
  3. Cyser  Söze

    Cyser Söze

    Cherry Apple Mead siphoned from primary to secondary fermenting bottle for the next two to three weeks, depending on how it looks. Will post a picture of the final result
  4. C

    Trouble with cyser

    I’m a novice cider brewer who has done a few brews. I decided to try something new and make a cyser. About a week into the process I had cyser make it’s way into the airlock as well as brown chunks that started to form. As soon as I noticed this I cleaned and sanitized airlock and replaced it...
  5. Mistivor

    New Brewer Wanting Advice

    I started my first brew 1pm yesterday and today at 6am I've found that it's fizzing and a must is already starting to form. I got my brew set up on an air lock now. Is the speed in which my fermentation set a good thing or should I be worried? Full process: We started off with prepping some...
  6. R

    Apple juice in Mead

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I wanted to start making Cyser. I spent hours searching and i could not find how much apple juice or water i have to put per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2 pounds) of honey. Can anyone help me? I'm new to all of this so i don't know very much of brewing. And one more thing, i saw...
  7. Aróchito

    First Cyser

    Greetings! My first gallon batch of cyser has been fermenting for the last 5 weeks + . Just checked on it and noticed it's all clear, and I noticed a bubble out of the airlock but there doesn't seem to be much going on inside. I've attatched a couple of pictures. Two questions: 1) Is it possible...