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  1. B

    Apple cider / wine mix

    Currently making a sort of unique recipe. A wonderful park nearby has a public orchard, and whenever I go I take some apples home with me, and I've been putting them in the freezer not knowing what to do with them. With around 10 pounds of apples (and an apricot somehow) I decided that enough...
  2. Candass08

    Hydrometer and specific gravity readings

    Hello all! This is my first ever attempt to homebrewing cider! I have been letting the apple juice and yeast ferment for two weeks and went to check the specific gravity with my hydrometer. From what I have read there should be at least some alcohol content by now however, it is reading zero...
  3. I

    [Q] Is this pulp or something else in my brewing cider?

    TLDR: is this normal in a brewing cider? I think it might be pulp. I did not filter a lot my crabapple puree. It seems to rise from the bottom, due to the bubbles, and slowly fall again. Hello all! First post here in the forum. Some days ago I started to make my first cider as a quarantine...
  4. jenkinscm

    First Cider Batch - 9% ABV! Help Please

    Hello Everyone, My first cider ever. One gallon cider from a farm with no additives. 2 cups maple syrup 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup black tea Safcider packet 2.5 weeks in held at 60-70F. Bubbles have mostly stopped. I tasted cider today and it was like whiskey. Slight apple flavor, but very...