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  1. producerethan

    Confusing Flavor in First 2 Brews

    Hello all, I've brewed two beers now (a hefe and a brown ale) and both have ended up with a similar strange flavor on the back end that I can't place. Both were 5 gallon Craft-a-Brew kits fermented in a Catalyst system, but very little else was the same. Beer 1 (Hefe): - Brewed on the stove -...
  2. Neoreaver

    To beer kit, or not to beer kit...

    That is my question. Hello all, I'm looking to get into beer brewing this fall, and I've found a wonderful 5 gallon kit on Northernbrewer for a measly 120 bucks. I already make mead and cider, so I have a bunch of 1 gallon carboys, tubing, siphon, etc. Could I in any way build my own kit for...