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  1. B


    Was at work and had the idea: on the way to the carboy, can I filter the the wort with a Shinhwa (pictures top) or through a oil frier oil filter (bottom)? I have a feeling too much silt will clog the paper filter. Or should I just buy an in-line filter to hook up to my pump? Note: normally I...
  2. H


    I'm wondering if anyone has been successful with filtration equipment in regards to accomplishing a super clear west coast IPA style beer. I'm thinking about an inline filtering kit system for a ball lock keg with fittings. I've been able to master my IPA recipe, the beer tastes amazing and I'm...
  3. E

    Hooking up a RO system to a garden hose? Bad or Good idea?

    I hate buying 10 gallons of water every time I want to brew, so I've been thinking about getting a RO filtration system and hooking it up to a garden hose faucet on the side of my garage. Has anyone on here tried this? Was it a good idea? How will the water chemistry be affected? Any...
  4. D

    New 10” Filtration System

    Brand new never used. 10” Filtration System w Ball Lock Adapters. Nice size/quality, not one of the smaller units for home brewing. Price includes shipping. Edit: $55. Knock off $5 for local pickup in Hoboken, NJ.
  5. Jzrp

    Do I have enough yeast for priming?

    Hi all Might be a stupid question thread but what better way to make my first post on this forum. I’m on my second brew, a partial mash that I’m calling a coconut latte stout... as it’s a breakfast stout heavy in chocolate and coffee which has had some coconut milk powder in with the lactose...
  6. P

    Newbie Hello - Trying to make a clear and colourless high abv cider

    Hey, new here, been reading alot. I'm going to get bashed for asking this but I'm trying to brew a high ABV - 15-16% cider then run it through a through some sort of filter to get to remove as much color, flavour and taste from it (yes u read that correct lol) Planning on using a champagne...
  7. lifeisafarm

    Basic primitive filter idea

    Hi all. This is probably a REALLY stoooopid idea, but I'm an amateur who likes to think outside the box, so... :D I am into very primitive methods of brewing, i.e. as quick, cheap and low-tech or "down-and-dirty" as possible. I'm not after a "perfect" beer, but rather exploring the simplest...
  8. frankvw

    Wort/trub filtration and sanitation

    After full grain brewing for years I have now begun to experiment with recipes based on extract and steeped grains in a partial boil. You know the drill: you make a small volume (1 gal. or so) of wort from some extract and steeped grains, making sure it has the same gravity as the OG of the...
  9. A

    Using Filters to Clear the Brew?

    It happens that my wife has a wine filter system similar to Buono as part of her disused winemaking gear. My questions are how much do the filters affect the taste of the beer and how do the numbers correspond to the rate of filtration?
  10. B

    Getting back into beer making, Looking to filtering my beer

    Hello folks, I'm trying to get back into beer making after a couple year hiatus. I'm looking at filtering my beer this time around and I would like some suggestions on an easy cost effective way to do it. I have a keg setup but only one corny, although I do have a carboy and brew bucket to rack...