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  1. B


    Was at work and had the idea: on the way to the carboy, can I filter the the wort with a Shinhwa (pictures top) or through a oil frier oil filter (bottom)? I have a feeling too much silt will clog the paper filter. Or should I just buy an in-line filter to hook up to my pump? Note: normally I...
  2. C

    Filtering Hop Pellets from Spike Conical to Keg - Tri Clamp Screen Gasket

    Hi All - I have a Spike CF10 and have been looking for solutions to my kegs/QDs clogging during closed transfers. I dump my pellets in lose and prior to kegging, cold crash at 36F for ~48 hours. I usually do 3 hop dumps throughout the cold crash. I then use a carb stone to carbonate in the...
  3. eric19312

    No more clogged poppets and disconnects during closed transfer!

    Tried this guy for first time yesterday and it worked like a champ! So here is the problem it solved. Closed transfers have been a real PITA for me. Might be specific to my system but I find I get a decent start and then bam nothing is moving. Either the ball lock poppet or disconnect will...