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  1. E

    Is my cider infected?

    Hello everybody! It's my first time brewing cider and I only used apple juice 100% It's been two weeks and my cider went down from 1.042 to 1.002 (using safale-04) , but today, when ready to start secondary fermentation, found that it had like a film in the surface and some strange bubbles...
  2. Jeff Brewton

    Unwelcome guest (villian?) on my cider

    Hello All! I've been making cider for quite some time, but have come across a new type of film on top of one of my mixed batches from last fall. I used campden tablets to sterilize and a basic wine yeast to ferment with no other additives other than some yeast nutrient. I took a look the other...
  3. W

    Film yeast in the cider barrel

    I have 198 gallons of cider fermenting in 6 carboys, 2 brandy barrels, and one plastic barrel. The last pressing was used to fill the plastic barrel, and by the time I got it in the basement, I was exhausted from cidermaking and had to attend to a bunch of other things in my life. As a result...
  4. zgardener

    Infection or Yeast?

    I'm about to bottle my Roggenbier and i notice that there is a slight white film over the top of the beer. For this batch I used White Labs Hefewizen IV yeast, which i have never used before. So my question, is this white film from the yeast, or, my fear, a possible infection? Just a side...