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  1. V

    Blichmann Beer Gun V2 For Sale

    Blichmann Beer Gun V2 For Sale! I will also include an attachment that allows for a seperate CO2 connection so that your purge PSI and filling PSI can be different. Asking $70 + shipping.
  2. R

    Kegging into a Sanke Keg

    Hi Everyone, Looking for advice on Kegging into a Sanke Keg (20 L). I have carbed my beer in my spike flex the keg I have is depressurized and clean I have a coupler with lines. Hopefully I can get some help. Cheers!
  3. Ring Many

    What should I use to top-up my demijohn for Plum wine?

    Hi everyone, I've been making some plum wine, but there isn't enough of the wine to fill my demijohns: I don't have a smaller container to put these in. I'd estimate I need around 600-700ml to full these 2 demijohns. .Left demijohn is 1.9 litre, right is 5 litre. I've been reading about...
  4. T

    Cheap Co2 Tanks? Chattanooga Area

    I still need a 5# Co2 tank for my Keezer setup and it seems like ordering a nice, shiny new aluminum tank is a waste since when I go to get it "filled" it is likely they'll just swap the tank out for a crusty used on that has been pre-filled. So it will probably be cheaper just to buy that...
  5. P

    I found a c02 bottle in a abandoned building

    I work for a A/C company and we got a job at an office building. Its been unoccupied for about a year. Our crew was just logging all the a/c units and changing the filters. It was a big resturant's office building. They had a test kichen im guessing but every thing was torn out of it the whole...