ferulic acid rest

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  1. frankvw

    Can you get ferulic acid from Weetbix?

    I've brewed a Weizen from extract before and it wasn't bad, but the liquid wheat malt extract I have yields a clear, light bodied beer that is low on the typical Weizen flavors. This is not surprising, since the LME lacks a lot of things you get from a proper mash containing significant amounts...
  2. Schlenkerla

    Weissbier Schneider & Sohn Original German Hefe Weizen Ale

    Hans-Peter Drexler's Recipe for Authentic Weissbier - Masterbrewer for Scheider & Sohn. Lifted from Secrets of Master Brewers. By Jeff Alworth The Book - Google Search Grain Bill 5.33 lbs of German or French Wheat Malt 3.5 lbs of German Pilsner Malt Step Mash Mash in at: 95F for 10...
  3. K

    ferulic acid rest gone terribly wrong

    I was brewing a hefeweizen yesterday and I love the clove phenols, but not the banana. I read that a ferulic acid rest at around 110 would bring out those clove notes to hefe, so I thought I would try it. I used a very simple recipe, 5 pounds pale ale malt and 5 pounds of white wheat and a...