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  1. S

    Venting pressure in Fermzilla leading to massive foaming

    Last night I pitched a massive starter in to my well oxygenated wort. Second time using my Fermzilla under pressure. I thought I backed the wingnut out on the spunding valve enough but woke up this morning to Fermzilla at 20 psi. I vented the Fermzilla couple times to get pressure down to 8psi...
  2. Irish kiwi

    Cask ale using fermzilla and polypin

    Hi all, long time lurker and general absorber of knowledge here. I am underway with a diy project to put real cask ale on a hand pull tap in my home bar. My current plan is to ferment in a fermzilla with a sounding valve set to achieve 1.4 volumes of carbonation then closed low pressure...
  3. J

    Naturally carbonated Fermzilla at room temp.

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Fermzilla and I'm in the process of getting CO2 equipment (pressure kit, gas, lines, connectors, spunding valve, counterpressure bottle filler). The thing is, I don't have a fridge to cool down my Fermzilla and I'm concerned if I will be able to naturally...
  4. J

    Bottling from 55L fermzilla

    Hi everyone, I had a question regarding the fermzilla that I cant seem to find an answer to. I was wondering if it was possible to add the priming sugar to the fermzilla the same way one would dry hop and then proceed to use pressure and a bottling wand to move the beer into bottles. I don’t...
  5. Julian Høstan Urrea

    The Boel iTap bottle filler. A review by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hi guys. I was sendt this little piece of kit and would like to share it with you. If you ever wondered how to bottle from a keg or from a fermentasaurus/fermzilla this is a great way to do so. I made a video, which i posted on my new youtube chanel. SmallSpacesBrewing. Hope you guys check it...
  6. M

    Lager at Pressure

    Hi all. I hope you guys and girls can help. So I had my second brew day yesterday decided to try my hand at a Czech pills as requested by the mrs. I had the liquid yeast for a couple of weeks in the fridge due to moving I didnt have time for a brew day.....so I pulled it out around 18-24...
  7. D

    Floating beer pickups with filter for kegs and pressurized fermenters etc

    New video out on my YouTube channel! A few years back I was sent the Cask Widge from one of my viewers. A simple floating beer pickup with a filter. Thank you again John Smith It has been seen in several of my videos and I've really enjoyed using it in different ways. Now when I successfully...
  8. L

    FermZilla with Partial Mash

    I’ve started a partial mash brew in a FermIlla and wondering how much loss I’ll have after the 2nd step - I’m not sure if there is sufficient space in the collection container to be able to properly “filter” the beer without having to filter it. Does anyone have any experience brewing partial...
  9. D

    FermZilla Trub Not Going In Collection Jar

    This is my first time using the FermZilla. The collection jar is open and some trub went into it, but now there's a buildup at the bottom of the cone and then a space of fermenting beer sandwiched between the trub layers. Does anyone know if this is normal for these kinds of fermenters? Should I...
  10. mattrmiller

    Colorado Fully Loaded 55L Fermzilla

    I have upgraded my fermenting setup, and my fermzilla is taking up precious space. I have only used this thing twice, and I just want it to go to a good home. It has all that is originally included: as well the thermo well (for thermometer), temp twister (for chilling), insulated jacket, heater...
  11. D

    The New Fermzilla?

  12. D

    My DIY cleaning system for the Fermzilla & Fermentasaurus

    How do you guys clean yours? This is how I do it
  13. D

    Sealed transfer using two see-through vessels. Fermzilla to the Fermenter King JR

    Never had this amount of control before. A fantastic experience to be able to see what actually happens in the keg when transferring.
  14. Q

    Can you use the Fermentasaurus pressure lid kit parts on the Fermzilla

    Hi there, I know the actual lids are different but does anyone know first hand whether or not you can remove and use the ball lock posts and float from the Fermentasaurus pressure kit lid and use them on the Fermzilla lid. Here in Canada having a hell of a time finding the Fermzilla lid or...
  15. D

    Unboxing and First thoughts on the Fermzilla All Rounder

    First thoughts and unboxing of the Fermzilla All Rounder by Kegland. I already have some beer fermenting away in this bubble right now. When I've used it properly I will give it a full review. And also compare it to the Fermentasaurus Snub Nose. What are your thoughts about this one? In my...
  16. sounddoc

    Fermzilla and a thermowell

    Long shot here, but has anyone made a DIY thermowell for the Fermzilla that's able to be used under pressure? As temps are getting lower here in Maine, I'm not able to rely on my steady 68F in the brewing chamber (AKA the bathroom). I know Kegland sells one, but as far as I can tell they don't...