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  1. S

    Best Small Batch Fermenters

    New brewer here. At the risk of sounding like I’m asking a dumb question, any recommendations (or cautions) on small batch (1-3 gallon) fermenters? I’ve got carboys and a Fermonster, but I’m wondering if there are other vessels you all have had success with in the past. I like to have multiple...
  2. R

    Homebrew Equipment for Sale - Flex Plus

    Hi, After several upgrades in my brewery I need to make some space in my basement. That’s why I’m selling some of my homebrew gear. Pickup preferred, if you cover shipping, I’m willing to ship it as well. Pickup location in Hartford County, CT (DM for location) DM for offers. I will update...
  3. SanJuanWorm

    Am I getting a better seal with my new Fermonster?

    Hi folks, Long time reader, and I've been posting for about a year. I'm in the middle of a secondary fermentation (quite a big Porter) using the Fermonster, and an S-style airlock. Krausen was complete, and I transferred after 5 days. ( I've brewed 12 home batches, but have always used a glass...