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  1. M

    Saving My Mead

    Hi all, I decided to make my first mead batch yesterday night. I will start by saying I decided on making a strawberry-pineapple mead, and I wanted this batch to be a sweet mead. The whole thing may have been a bit more advanced than I was ready for, and I made what was probably a few rookie...
  2. Mattyg91

    Fermentation help!

    Hi everyone, on Saturday I performed my first all grain brew. It’s a smash American pale ale, and I substituted the US – 05 yeast for Kveik. This is a 5 gallon brew. The first 24 hours brought A LOT of action. More action than I’ve ever seen from another yeast. However, less than 36 hours...
  3. B

    Weiss Beer flop

    Hi, I recently bottled another batch of weisse beer but this time around things did not go to plan, or rather not taste to plan. Not sure what went wrong but a few things was adjusted unfortunately. All my previous batches came out beautifully. First the brew batch was increased from 23litres...
  4. Avid Artifex

    Question on F2 in Fermentor

    Hello, I have been homebrewing kombucha for a couple of months now, and I use beer bottles and bottle caps to bottle my kombucha. I used to flavor each bottle and pour the kombucha into the bottles and do my F2 in the bottles (like you normally do), but I wanted to have nothing else but smooth...
  5. I

    Can I take a hydrometer sample using a glass?

    Hi Quick question: Would I be able to take a sample for my hydrometer by dipping a glass which was cleaned by the dishwasher into the fermenting vessel? I would then pour the glass into the hydrometer vial Thanks!
  6. I

    Does fermenting wine need to be in the dark?

    Hey there, I'm fermenting a WineBuddy Pinot Grigio at the moment and was wondering if it is necessary to ferment it in the dark. My temperature is at 28 degrees Celsius (higher than the recommended 20 - 25) because I have wrapped the fermenter in a towel since the only place I can put my...
  7. K

    Sauerkraut Question

    This is my first time making Sauerkraut and I think it was a success! I let the kraut ferment for two weeks and tasted it today and it's not bad. However, I do notice that it has a bit of a chlorine smell to it and was wondering if this is normal. Everything was sterilized beforehand and I used...
  8. mattrmiller

    Colorado Fully Loaded 55L Fermzilla

    I have upgraded my fermenting setup, and my fermzilla is taking up precious space. I have only used this thing twice, and I just want it to go to a good home. It has all that is originally included: as well the thermo well (for thermometer), temp twister (for chilling), insulated jacket, heater...
  9. I

    Accidentally added leftover yeast when bottling

    Hi, new brewer here. I am making a 4% coopers lager and when it came to bottling I noticed a light yellowish sort of colour (which smells pretty bad) when I reached the tap of my fermenting vessel (which I'm assuming is all the leftover yeast. Which people tend to throw out or to re-use). I...
  10. Tadas

    Yeast not active

    Hi, making rousted stout for first time, Now it is 12 hours prom piching and its not much activity yeat. OG vas 1,042 . Beginning to be worry.. I have stirer yeast in the worth. Maybe that is wrong ? Does dark beers are ''heavier'' for yeast ?
  11. D

    What is low alcohol fermented carrot juice called?

    Hello All, For a while now I have been experimenting with some different Cider making techniques/yeasts/apple juices/etc. I had the idea that making a "Carrot Cider" would be an interesting thought. I currently have a very small half-gallon batch of carrot juice sweetened with a few ounces of...
  12. Julian Høstan Urrea

    Anybody tried making wine under pressure.?

    Hi. I have been toying with the idea of making wine under pressure in my fermentsaurus. Why? You ask. Well because I've had great result on making beer this way, and the extra heat speeds up the process. The pressure allows me to ferment at higher temps without the biproducts from the yeast...
  13. V

    Help? Maybe?

    I started a one gallon batch of mead last night. It is my first time, woke up this morning to look at it pictures to show, is something wrong with it? Do I need to fix it? How do I fix it? What went wrong if anything?
  14. N

    Second Fermenter?

    I have recently just started home brewing and absolutely love it. Although it has only been a few months, I have brewed one beer a month since starting. I know I am still very inexperienced but I have been starting to think more about adding a second fermenter to my setup. From what I have...
  15. lorne17

    Exploding Ginger Beer Bottles without Yeast!? How did this happen?

    Hello all, I had an incident today of exploding Ginger Beer bottles. I brewed some Ginger Beer, which I have about 10-12 batches of this recipe before. I had it in a keg and carbonated it via the keg. I do not put any yeast in my Ginger Beer since it's a side and not a brew. Anyways, I...
  16. SkagitNScandi

    Schwarzbier Warmish Ferment ???s

    Hey guys I just brewed my first Schwarzbier. My first lager really... I DO NOT have any temperature control other that opening and closing a floor vent, and a towels I cover my carboys with. The guy at my LHBS (NU HOMEBREW / GENUS Brewing, Check em out on youtube) hooked me up with some 1968...
  17. Iowa Brewer

    Consequences of Fermenting Lager at 59F?

    Hey all, Got three 5gal Corny's in my keezer, but I'm itching to do some brewing. want to get two ales and one lager going. The ales can go in my fermenter, but want to have a lager in the basement storeroom on the concrete floor. The room hovers between 57F-59F, right now. Would that be...
  18. T

    How to make higher ABV

    Hey everyone, I brewed a block party summer ale from northern brewing and I don’t think I boiled the wort hard enough but it’s been fermenting for 2 weeks and one week was colder temperatures so I got a heat pad to make it around 70F and it’s been at that for a week under a blanket for...
  19. Jonafun

    Newbie potato wine attempt

    Hello friends, newbie here. So far I've tried making blackberry wine (which I think I racked off much too soon) and apple wine (which is fermenting away in the demijohns right now). For my next batch, I fancy having a go at making potato wine. I'm taking my lead from this slightly bonkers...
  20. K

    How long can I leave my beer in fermenter?

    I'm a newbie! I'm presently about to bottle my third Munton's Canada Range Blonde Beer kit (comes in a can) One of the kits was a Munton's Pilsner (dark pic attached) It says after 5 to 6 days I can bottle it. Is there a risk for infection leaving it in the fermenter longer? I've read some...