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  1. M

    Withdrawn 14 gallon Ss Brewtech BME Chronical - Twin Cities, MN

    Hey all, Bought a couple of 14 gallon conical fermenters a few months ago and promptly started a basement remodel. Since they have been unused and are just sitting while I am spending time on the remodel for the next several months, I thought I’d sell them. For sale- 2 14 gallon Ss Brewtech...
  2. jordanpace

    Two 15 Gallon Glycol Jacked Fermentors - Near Dallas, TX

    I am selling two fermentors. Both are jacketed 15 gallon capacity glycol fermentors. First fermentor is from Brewers Hardware. https://www.brewershardware.com/15-Gallon-Stainless-Steel-Glycol-Jacketed-Conical-Fermentor-CONICAL15G-FJ.html It was purchased in 2017, and has been maintained...
  3. B

    SS Brewbucket Review

    If you have done any shopping online for brewing supplies than you have probably seen advertisements for the SS Brewbucket from SS Brewing Technologies. That was where my exposure to them began. At nearly $200 for the base model and $225 for the Brewmaster version, you might be wondering if they...
  4. kegerators

    BrewKeg 50, Rolling Stand, Dosing Device

    AUSTIN, TX Very large (all stainless) 10 batch gallon fermenter. Used once. https://williamswarn.com/products/brewkeg/brewkeg50/ $600 + shipping (Free pickup in Austin, TX)
  5. H

    Equipment for sale pick up only

    DB86A623-D4AA-46EA-921A-EE23617C3657 by hops4me posted May 20, 2018 at 7:42 PM,homebrew equipment for sale pick up only make offer some or all Colma ca 94014 All for $300 books for $20
  6. Jbrown57

    yet another Sanke Fermenter Build..

    At last I have all of the pieces for my Fermenter. The goal is to ferment in SS vs Plastic buckets, ferment under pressure, pressure transfer to keg. I am not really driving for Low O2 yet but it is on my mind for the future. I hope to brew this weekend and split the wort to this fermenter and a...