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    Cleaning silicone tri-clamp gaskets

    After my first fermentation in my unitank, a few of the white silicone gaskets (particularly in the dump valve area and the racking area) were stained pretty green. After scrubbing with PBW (and sanitizing with Star San), they are still greenish and even still giving off a hop odor. Is there a...
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    SSBrewTech Chronical fermenter gaskets

    Hey guys, I asked ssbrewtech.com a couple of days ago, but received no reply, so here it goes. I have been using SSBrewtech 14gal conical fermenter for 2 years and 7.5" sight glass that I use for collecting yeast. https://www.ssbrewtech.com/products/sight-glass-1-5-tc-in-line I was wondering...