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  1. U

    Advice needed on making fermented ginger beer

    I attempted my first batch of fermented ginger beer recently following this short video: In a nutshell I created a ginger bug with 2 cups water , 2 Tb sugar and 2 Tb chopped ginger (skin on). Roughly every 24 hours i added 2Tb sugar and 2Tb ginger. It was supposed to take maybe 3 days to...
  2. Scientific hippie


    I just read this in Tablet magazine. I guess we're making gazoz! I'll keep an eye out for it next time I'm in Tel Aviv!
  3. M

    Fermenting my own mustard

    Thought that with meats, this would be an appropriate spot for this, and wanted to share my recipe: 1 cup (172 g) Black mustard 1/2 cup (86 g) Yellow mustard 1/2 cup (86 g) Spicy Yellow mustard 3 tbs (42 g) himalayan pink salt 4 cups (32 oz/910 g) filtered dechlorinated water 3 cloves of garlic...