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  1. NautiDogBrewingCo.

    Michigan FREE - Fermentation Chamber

    Fermentation Chamber - Free to a good home. You must pick up. Need a truck or trailer. Located in East Lansing, Michigan. Approximately 4 feet wide. Approximately 2 feet deep. Temp controlled by STC 1000. Heated by bulb in a paint can and cooled by mini fridge. Holds two 5gallon batches...
  2. muhteeus

    muh's Fermentrack\BrewPi Remix Build

    Decided to convert the old fermentation deep freeze from STC-1000 to a IoT web enabled thing. I am using the BrewPi Remix firmware for the arduino and Fermentrack on the front-end for the pi. Most of the parts were leftovers from an old project, but I will still link what I used. Parts: 1 -...
  3. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Can beer keep carbonating after fridge?

    Hello guys, I've been homebrewing for almost 2 years right now, I have always bottle condition my beers but recently I found after a year or so of not having any over carbonated beers that two batches were over carbonated. On the first batch, it was over-carbonated from the beginning, my second...
  4. TennBrewer

    Fermentation Resource Scheduler

    I am looking for some kind of software to handle multiple fermenters and fermentation chambers (read: fridges). I have several fridges that I have made into fermentation chambers and several fermenters varying in size from 1 to 6.5 gallons. I would like to be able to schedule when I can brew (5...