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  1. asg816

    Understanding Yeast Fermentation Temperature Ranges

    Hey everyone! I’m really new to home brewing: I’ve brewed twice with others and I just set my first solo batch in the basement to ferment 3 days ago. Two more days til I add the dry hops! I want to start by acknowledging the mistakes I made when I was left responsible for the other batches and...
  2. Roaryt123

    Ginger beer with no bubbles

    Hi guys! I used to make wine with my parents when I was younger and so I've attempted to make some ginger beer, I followed the recipe exactly and sealed the fermentor an hour and a half ago. Since then no bubbles have passed through the air lock. The air lock and lid are sealed with vaseline so...
  3. Peptobismol165

    First Time All-Grain BIAB - Fermentation stuck TWICE?!

    Hello, I've started doing two BIAB recipes using allgrain. In the past, I've done BIAB with extract and specialty grain, and have consistently exceeded my target ABV. These last two BIAB's I've decided to try all grain with no extract. My issue is both my last brews have been severely UNDER...
  4. frankvw

    Krausen gone after syrup addition

    I'm brewing a Belgian Tripel using WLP540, and this time I'm trying a staggered fermentation in hopes that it will keep the esters down a little and make for a more controlled fermentation. I started with the all-grain portion of the wort (OG 1.060) to which I planned to add 1 lb. of Lyle's...
  5. li walker

    Pressurized effect on the primary fermentation yeast ?

    hello ~~ can some good guys explain ? i recently think of airlock fermentation and closed pressurized(co2) fermentations。 i know primary the yeast growth dont closed for one day 。then should i choose open or closed for my later fermentation? i know high pressure is reduced ester ,diacetal...
  6. M

    How long after fermentation is done

    Hi all, I'm using Pico C and amat the fermetentation process. Fermentation will be complete in 5 days. Problem is that I'm gonna be away and will come back 7 days later. Is it ok if my beer stays in contact with yeast all that time. Will it be still ok to put hop pouches for another 3 days...
  7. K

    My process and your thoughts

    Dear fellow brewers, I have been reading this forum for a while now and it seems everyone has there own methods, experiences that works for them. I would like to share mine that is theoretical at the moment but will be applied in a month's time when the equipment arrives. Here it goes! I will...
  8. laserghost

    Pure O2 oxygenation formula

    I haven't brewed in a while and am revving up for a brew day. One of the things I needed to refresh my memory on was how long I was running my pure 02 tank (through a .5 micron stone) to oxygenate the wort before pitching. I have a medical regulator on the tank and can control the flow down to...
  9. B

    Beer tastes like Yeast

    Morning, recently the wife and I brewed an All Grain batch of All Chinook IPA. I inadvertently used TOO MUCH yeast nutrient. We dry hopped and thus not using a secondary. We bottled yesterday and our gravity was good but the beer tastes like yeast. I have read that the extra nutrient while not...