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  1. Julian Høstan Urrea

    The Boel iTap bottle filler. A review by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hi guys. I was sendt this little piece of kit and would like to share it with you. If you ever wondered how to bottle from a keg or from a fermentasaurus/fermzilla this is a great way to do so. I made a video, which i posted on my new youtube chanel. SmallSpacesBrewing. Hope you guys check it...
  2. marlinmatt

    Fermentasaurus (2 available)

    Have 2 fermentasaurus available. Both have pressure kits. One was never used, other used 2 times. 100 each. Email [email protected], in case I don't check my messages here. Shipping possible at your expense, rather large, but lightweight item.
  3. D

    Floating beer pickups with filter for kegs and pressurized fermenters etc

    New video out on my YouTube channel! A few years back I was sent the Cask Widge from one of my viewers. A simple floating beer pickup with a filter. Thank you again John Smith It has been seen in several of my videos and I've really enjoyed using it in different ways. Now when I successfully...
  4. D

    Q&A VIDEO about Pressurized Fermentation

  5. D

    The New Fermzilla?

  6. D

    My DIY cleaning system for the Fermzilla & Fermentasaurus

    How do you guys clean yours? This is how I do it
  7. D

    7 new changes to the Fermzilla

  8. D

    I tried to clean my Fermzilla in the dishwasher!

  9. jamorgan3777

    Procedure for Racking from Conical?

    I have an old Fermentasaurus that I am using for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had a "best practice" for racking fermented and dry hopped (IPA) into a cornelius keg. The catch bottle that comes with it is not big enough for all the yeast residue so I emptied it once, cleaned and...
  10. D

    Sealed transfer using two see-through vessels. Fermzilla to the Fermenter King JR

    Never had this amount of control before. A fantastic experience to be able to see what actually happens in the keg when transferring.
  11. D

    Evelotion of the Fermentasaurus- Fermzilla - Fermenter King

  12. Q

    Can you use the Fermentasaurus pressure lid kit parts on the Fermzilla

    Hi there, I know the actual lids are different but does anyone know first hand whether or not you can remove and use the ball lock posts and float from the Fermentasaurus pressure kit lid and use them on the Fermzilla lid. Here in Canada having a hell of a time finding the Fermzilla lid or...
  13. D

    Unboxing and First thoughts on the Fermzilla All Rounder

    First thoughts and unboxing of the Fermzilla All Rounder by Kegland. I already have some beer fermenting away in this bubble right now. When I've used it properly I will give it a full review. And also compare it to the Fermentasaurus Snub Nose. What are your thoughts about this one? In my...
  14. jamorgan3777

    Fermentasaurus for sale.

    Original fermentasaurus for sale. Never used except to check with water. Does not include the pressurization kit. Lists for ~$120 new. Selling for $75 + shipping (its pretty light). Let me know if you are interested.
  15. D

    Unboxing video of the Fermzilla and comparing it to my Fermentasaurus

  16. sounddoc

    First brew in a Fermzilla without spunding valve - PSI too high?

    Hello! I'm doing my first brew in a Fermzilla and I'm doing it pressurized. Of course to save money, I have yet to get a spunding valve. It's rated up to 35 PSI and the PRV is supposed to relieve pressure above that. My question is should I release pressure from time to time? I just released a...
  17. D

    This accident taught me how to dry hop under pressure safe

  18. C

    Isinglass in non-pressurized Fermentasaurus

    Hi folks, First time posting here. I brew canned beer kits in a non pressurized Fermentasaurus at around 21-22 degrees C. I bought a little pouch of Isinglass for my next brew to make the beer more clear. I normally leave my brew in the tank for 14 days emptying the collection bottle on day 7...
  19. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Fermentasaurus, Now on Canuck!

    Now on Canuck Homebrew Supply, the Fermentasaurus by Oxebar! Ferment, Keg, and Dispense, all from the same vessel! It even has a convenient bottle attachment for removing trub and sediment, and a float ball, so you'll always be serving from the top of the vessel!