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  1. D

    Seltzer (or beer, I suppose)

    Hi all, I love all the info and different ideas on this whole forum. Very helpful, and enlightening. I’ve been thinking about doing a seltzer. Quick question… If I was to cold crash before the seltzer was done fermenting, would it leave some residual sweetness in it? ie: target FG is 0.997...
  2. S

    Belgian Trippel issues.

    So I tossed a Belgian trippel into the fermenter last week SG 1.089, I have a rims system and did 50min at 145F and 10 min at 158F, trying to get it reasonably dry. Yesterday almost all airlock activity ceased, and I took a sample, at 1.025, so about 70%. (All taken with same hydrometer) I’m...
  3. verysupple

    Crystal Malts Reduce Fermentability: Fact or Fiction?

    We all know those topics that pop up time and time again on any home brewing forum. One of those topics is under-attenuation. Why didn't my beer attenuate? someone asks, followed by a string of replies asking how much crystal malt was used, after which ensues the explanation that the addition of...
  4. frankvw

    Brewing with additional apha amylase - how much to use?

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with alpha amylase to increase the fermentability of malt extracts by breaking down some of the complex sugars and other hard-to-ferment components. So far I've managed to get a DME that otherwise won't go below 1.014 all the way down to 1.006 over the course of...