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  1. M

    Adding sugar while fermenting an Acerglyn

    I began fermenting my Acerglyn with a OG of 1.101 and ended at .994 which calculates out to about 14%. I’m using fleischmanns yeast and I want this to ferment out dry so I can back sweeten with maple syrup. Would adding white sugar until fermentation stalls out affect the taste noticeably? I...
  2. SnyderCider

    Using Sorbates and Sulfites

    So I'm trying to stabilize my cider and I've read that some people use just potassium sorbate and other use potassium metabisulfite added in. I called a local shop and he mentioned that the sulfites help keep away mold from the brew. Would like to know which is the better route for a stabilized...
  3. #p3brews

    Dry Hopping into Corny?

    I have 4.5 gallons of some American Ale i want to add some fresh mosaic hops into. OG 1.058 It began bubbling yesterday with Nottingham yeast and seems to be happy. It had Mosaic hop pellet additions at 6m but i want to add these fresh hops so I'm thinking of upon transfer of fermented wort into...
  4. V

    CO2 Capture

    Need y'all to reaffirm or poke holes in this for me..... I ferment in corny kegs and have been thinking about ways to save on some CO2. I'm not looking to replace my tanks or anything but since so much CO2 is produced during fermentation I was thinking why not capture and use it for stuff like...
  5. T

    Replenish sanitizer in airlock?

    Hi, I'm about 26 hours into fermenting my first batch of homebrew. The fluid in the airlock was bubbling nicely this morning, but when I checked in this afternoon I noticed that much of it had overflowed. Is this a problem and should I replenish it? Is there something I need to do to keep this...
  6. H

    Long fermentation

    I've been fermenting Imperial Stout for two weeks. But something urgent has come up and I have to let this go for two months. Is this going to ruin the beer?
  7. leskohomebrews

    Danger in leaving brew in fermenter for extra time after it's done?

    I'm currently out of town but have a batch of ale in the fermenter. Is there any danger in ruining my brew if I leave it in the fermenter for days after it's done fermenting? Off flavors, etc? Happy Thanksgiving :cask:
  8. V

    Warmer Larger Yeast

    I have the ability to ferment under pressure and wanted to give a lager under pressure a go --- temperature range would be 66-69 F. What yeast would you all recommended? I am kicking myself for not writing it down but I remember there was a certain brand / strand of lager yeast (or lager sorts)...
  9. B

    How do I ferment warm when using kveik yeast?

    Hi HBT! I am quite interested in trying out kveik yeast. It seems to be all the rage. I've read that you should ferment them warm (18 C and up to 39 C or so). My question is this: Normally we want to keep the temperature of the fermentation vessel down - for this I have a temperature controlled...
  10. B

    Carboy for F2

    Hey! I'm currently brewing 6.5 gallons of kombucha for a small market and I'm still perplexed as to how I should efficiently do the secondary fermentation and bottling. I was wondering if it would be possible to use 5 gal carboys for secondary fermentation and flavoring? Then just filter...
  11. B

    Taste-wise, is it too early to keg my stout?

    Hi all. 15 days ago I brewed a stout with Nottingham Ale yeast. I am hosting a St. Patricks day-themed party on Sunday so this would be kegged friday night, and was wondering whether it would be ready taste-wise? I have more experience with lower ABV beers with a quicker turnaround time, but I...
  12. J Trott

    Acidic Concentrate and Yeast Survival Question

    This is my first post and I am a definite newbie. I have only made a couple successful, extremely basic, batches of white and red wine from 100% juice, sugar and yeast. I want to experiment with more acidic juices similar to the “skeeter pee.” From what I have read, I am going to try to pitch...
  13. ultrashock

    Transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs

    Hello, I have a question regarding transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs. Is it possible without cutting the long tube to avoid collecting the sediment? Usually I'm fermenting in 2 corny kegs and then transfer to another 2 corny kegs with auto siphon, but currently it is broken...
  14. Titan88

    Steam Beer-style Fermentation in Flat Pans

    I was looking at experimenting with fermentation techniques, and I began wondering about fermenting in flat, open (kind of) containers. Anchor Brewing Co. successfully ferments their Anchor Steam beer this way. So, it got me wondering: Has anyone here tried fermenting beer in flat, stainless...
  15. V

    Cranberry Cider Fermentation

    So I have done a few hard apple ciders which came out well so I figured I'd give cranberry cider a go. Typically my apple cider is down in the 1.003 - to 1.006 range by day two of fermenting under pressure. Right now my spunding valve is showing the same amount of activity / pressure I expect...
  16. bafinaire

    Is My Beer Ready For Secondary Fermentation?

    Hello everyone! I’m on my first attempt at brewing using the Northern Brewer deluxe starter kit (block party amber ale). One week ago put my wort with yeast in a dark closet that has an average temperature around 70 degrees. I never noticed activity in my airlock but I think that is due to an...
  17. Washington_Brewologist

    Missed my target final volume into carboy...

    Hey guys! I just got done brewing a hoppy APA and seemed to have missed my target final volume of 5.5 by quite a bit. It looks like I have about 4.75 gallons in the fermenter. I believe I found the error in my planning but whats strange is I seemed to hit my target OG of 1.052 right on the...
  18. beervoid

    Top cropping yeast, keg ferment under pressure or blowoff?

    Hello everyone, I've been fermenting in 5 gal kegs for a while always going for max 4.5 gal to leave some head space. At the moment my setup consists of a simple ballock with silicon tubing on it that goes into a jar with sanitizer. I'm used to ferment with s04 and so far never had any clogging...
  19. H

    Unbloomed Dry Yeast

    hey guys, I pitched my second brew without blooming/activating my dry yeast, and morning after setting the beer to ferment I haven’t seen much going on. Slight bubbling, small white bubbles around the top. The instructions in my homebrew kit were fairly vague and didn’t mention blooming the...
  20. S

    OG too high, can I add water? (BIAB)

    On pretty much all of my batches I've been going off of the recipe boil size when I start my mash, so if the recipe says boil size is 7.5 gallons that's what I put in my kettle when I start to heat the water for the mash. Pretty much all 3 or 4 batches I've done so far have resulted in lower...