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  1. Farflung

    Canada HDPE conical fermenter -free

    Free - in Newmarket/Aurora. For p/u.
  2. M

    Spike CF15 question

    I am curious if the standard bracing shelf will support the extended legs, either the short or the longer ones. I have the standard shelf and I’m wondering if I should have ordered the extended one. Just wondering anyone else’s experiences with the standard shelf and leg extensions. I also have...
  3. Jem

    For Sale Brewpi controlled fermentation chamber

    Downsizing from 2 to 1 Brewpi controlled fermentation chamber. Includes everything you need, a standard under counter refrigerator for chilling, plant heating pad for heat, brewpi and arduino. Local pick in St Paul Mn up would be best given the size of the fridge. I would consider shipping at...
  4. tidesmatt

    Half Barrel 15.5 Gallon Sanke Keg with Custom Fitted NorCal Brewing Ultimate Fermenter Kit - $250

    For sale is a half barrel 15.5 gallon Sanke Keg as well as a Custom fitting NorCal Brewing Ultimate Cross Fermenter Kit. The keg itself is an older, AB keg and is in solid condition. Outside is as shown in pictures, but the inside is clean and in solid shape. The fermenter kit turns this keg...
  5. eomeyers

    Texas Houston - Sabco Brew Magic V350MS (2014), Blichmann 14gal Fermenator, all tri clamp fittings, stand up freezer w/digital controller. $5000 pickup only

    Fermenator fits perfectly inside standup freezer for spot on fermentation temps. 5k includes Blichmann Therminator (& homemade backflow cleaning valve arrangement) & march pump. Got married, had kids, no time to brew anymore... various other equipment available, make me an offer: Tri tap...
  6. Sambecker1

    Blichmann Top Tier, Burners, Boilermakers and various items

    Central PA Blichmann Top Tier $400 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g with false bottom and sparge arm $350.00 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g boil kettle with whirlpool fitting $300 Blichmann burners 2 $100 each Blichmann Top Tier shelf $50 (New in box) Blichmann 14g Fermenator with blow off kit (blow off...
  7. KoBach276

    WTB Blichmann Legs for 14 Gallon Fermenator

    WTB Blichmann Legs for 14 Gallon Fermenator Just looking for the extension legs for my Blichmann Fermenator.
  8. V

    Moving A Fermentor

    So typically when I brew a NEIPA I have either a fridge or CO2 on hand for the transfer / cold crash process but now it is all in my shed (because, you know marriage). I ferment under pressure in converted sankees and need to get one out to the shed to cold crash. There is plenty of CO2 in the...
  9. N

    Ohio 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg, Fastferment, 6.5 gallon glass carboys, and 5 gallon glass carboys

    Looking to get rid of some of my fermenting equipment I no longer have need for. Selling three 5 gallon ball lock kegs ($50 each), one 7.9 gallon fasterment with accessories (Thermometer, FastFerment Strap, FastFerment 3-Piece Stand, Fermentation jacket) $65 , two 6.5 gallon glass carboys $25...
  10. J

    Ss Brewtech 1 bbl unitank

    Ss Brewtech 1 bbl unitank that has been used for 1 batch. Comes with all of the valves, carb stone, gauge, etc. Very very nice. https://www.ssbrewtech.com/collections/all-unitanks/products/1-bbl-nano-series-unitank $1700 Buyer responsible for shipping from Jackson MS
  11. adroc

    Illinois 14 gal Blichmann Fermenator With Tri Clamp Fittings, Leg Extensions and Custom SS Chiller Coil

    Im selling my 14G Blichmann Fermenator with tri clamp fittings, leg extensions and custom SS chiller coil. It is still in like new condition. This setup new would run you around $900 asking $600 and local pickup only. Thanks
  12. Andrew Hodgson

    Will This Fermentation Control Setup Work?

    Hello all. So to step up the quality of my brewing the next phase is a fermentation temperature control setup. The lady and I were walking through BJ's yesterday and since I am now prowling for a ferm chamber I walked down the appliances aisle and found this wine refrigerator...
  13. gruversm

    Michigan Blichmann 14 gallon Fermenator with leg extensions

    14 gallon Blichmann Fermenator conical fermenter. Tri-clamp blowoff tube. Leg extensions. Custom metal basket to hold blowoff liquid. This setup costs $685 new. Selling $400/OBO. I live in SW Michigan approximately 15 miles from South Bend, IN.
  14. Washington_Brewologist

    Missed my target final volume into carboy...

    Hey guys! I just got done brewing a hoppy IPA and seemed to have missed my target final volume of 5.5 by quite a bit. It looks like I have about 4.75 gallons in the fermenter. I believe I found the error in my planning but whats strange is I seemed to hit my target OG of 1.052 right on the...
  15. N

    Walk in Cold Room

    I have a all stainless cold room I have been fermenting in. Holds stable lager temps even on hot days. 5'w x 10'l x 8'h. 4" insulation, camlock panel construction. Insulated door. Comes with evaporator. I don't need this anymore, just purchased newer one. My loss, your gain.
  16. C

    Pumping wort into FastFerment

    Hello fellow brewers! Looking for some ideas from the group. I use a pump to push the wort through a plate chiller into a FastFerment 14g. When I have a helper it's no problem, they just hold the hose into the top of the fermenter. The top of the fermenter is nearly 5-1/2 feet of the ground...
  17. ceritz

    Missouri Blichmann 14 gal Fermenater $550

    NPT version. Great Condition. Casters and Extension included. Reside near St. Louis, Missouri