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  1. brewbuddynick

    Can somebody help me with a high final gravity. In search of solutions or cause of problems.

    Greetings fellow brewers! 🍻 About three weeks ago, I embarked on my tenth all-grain beer brewing adventure, crafting a delightful amber ale. However, it seems the fermentation process has been a bit sluggish, concluding a week ago with a final gravity of 1.020 – a tad higher than the anticipated...
  2. 43North

    Why does big mouth bubbler have threads?

    Trying to find a fermentation screw on lids for the 6.5g big mouth bubbler.
  3. Iowa Brewer

    Yeast Starter Cold-Crash Suction

    Hi all! About to cold crash a German lager yeast-starter in my fermentation chamber to get ready for brew day. Do any of you worry about sanitation with the suction that is created by cooling it down? Should I do something to protect the little yeasties from bugs? Thanks!
  4. G

    1st Batch Question

    I’m 8 days into my first batch. I didn’t do any research, just using the process my nephew uses. He said to ferment for 7-10 days. I taste-tested it on day 7 and it still tasted like sweet tea, but carbonated with a taste of fermentation, so I figured I’d need to go the whole 10 days for the...
  5. H

    Tilt hydrometer for temperature control

    I'm not sure if someone else has already done this so I decided to share this idea with you. So once I bought a Tilt hydrometer which I'm very pleased with I started thinking of how else I can use it so that those 135 bucks are paid off. I came up with this idea of a fully wireless...
  6. P

    Aging Cider at higher temperatures

    I live in Georgia and during the peak apple season it is still pretty hot here. We have a 7.0 cubic foot chest freezer that we use as our fermentation chamber, but it only holds two 6 gallon buckets/carboys at a time. Since I'm also brewing beer, that means juggling the primary and secondary...
  7. Smitty

    Coopers Canadian Blonde

    Hello all. Looking for some advice. Started my second batch of beer ever and had an early morning oops. Started the C.C.B. at 1.039 using Lallemand Nottingham yeast. Made the starter as per instructions, had my wort at 21°C and cooled the starter to that temp one oz of wort at a time every 5...
  8. Smitty


    Ok experienced brewers here goes! Started my first ever batch (Brewhouse Mexican Cerveza) last Thursday night. By Friday night the airlock was bubbling away. By Sunday morning nothing and I noticed that the spigot on the bucket I purchased was leaking. Got the leak stopped, lost about 500ml...
  9. Iowa Brewer

    The Iron-Man of Yeast!

    Hey all, Funny story to share, and maybe it's more common that I think. Made a witbier Saturday with a low post-mash gravity, so I added 1 lb. of DME and ended with a spot-on target OG of 1.04. Decanted my 1L yeast starter, pitched, and popped the 6gal of wort in the fermenter and went on with...
  10. C

    First brewers best kit

    Hello, I’m new here and to home brewing, March 5th I brewed the 2018 HopNog kit by brewers best as my first beer and it is about 12hours into being in the carboy so I’m just wondering if this looks okay, thanks!
  11. DrGarbonzo

    Pliny clone- missed OG by .020; suggestions?

    Hey all, I brewed Northern Brewer’s Pliny the Elder extract clone yesterday and am wondering if i misunderstood the instructions. They recommend making a 6 gal wort to account for krausen and hop absorption loss, but my OG ended up being 1.050 instead of the target 1.070! The ratio of water to...
  12. Iowa Brewer

    Heat Mat in Fermentation Chamber, Question

    Hey all, Just bought an Apollo Horticulture Heat Mat to put in my downstairs fridge, which I use as a fermentation chamber. Any of you use something like this in winter to keep ale yeast happy, and where to put it. Bottom of the fridge would be a logical choice, but I modified the fridge...
  13. Iowa Brewer

    Can yeast heat beer???

    So, I did my first yeast starter and boy did it work! 4hrs after I pitched into an English Ale, a small kreutzen had formed and the bubbler was going 12 hrs later, and the bubbler was flying off the handle. Now, 26hrs after first bubbling, down to about 1/sec. But here’s the thing... I...
  14. Iowa Brewer

    Another One of Those No Fermentation-Activity Posts

    Hi all, Sorry to kick a dead horse. I've seen a lot of "no bubbling" posts, but none that hit the mark for my situation, at least not exactly. Here's the scoop. 1. I'm 48hrs past pitching 2 packets of White Labs Belgian Wit Ale Yeast (within date), which I let warm up to 70F and agitated (no...
  15. F

    Crabby cider not fermenting

    Ok. I started 4 batches of crabapple cider. #1 fresh picked/juiced with in 24 hours. 100% crabby #2 juiced about 4 days after picking. 100% crabby #3 & #4 were 50% crabby (combo of both harvestings) and 50% store bought juice for mixed flavor batches (one cranberry, one pomegranate) Not my...
  16. D

    Bad yeast

    Hello all, So I made an Imperial Stout and the yeast I harvested from a friend did not activate after I made a starter. I have not pitched it and I will not be able to get more for 4 days. Will my wort be ok? Currently stored in a carboy in a temperature controlled environment at 68 degrees. Any...