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  1. H

    Cider Flavouring

    Goodday I am busy fermenting an apple cider and want to know how to add more apple flavour to my cider? Do you buy flavour somewhere and just add it to the cider after fermentation or what do you do? Hope someone can help me , kind regards Human.
  2. MmmmCider

    Adding yeast after fermentation is done?

    So I’m new to cider brewing, basically brewing entirely. I’ve made one pomegranate mead/jet fuel and then tried a pineapple cider that turned out amazingly. Got hooked on cider making immediately and now I’m just focusing and playing with that. I currently have 3 batches going right now, a...
  3. Melite

    Did i ruined my mead?

    Im new to this. After 3 weeks i didnt saw any more arilock activity on my strawberry mead (for 2-3 days) so i decided to rack my mead. I did a little taste test and it just taste flat... it doesn't have a special flavor... Its like, water with a little of honey that burns a little... Any...
  4. C

    Campden Tablets and Fermentation Question

    I am new to mead making and decided to buy a 1 gallon mead kit from a local brew supply store. The instructions stated to add a crushed Campden tablet to the must 24 hours before pitching the yeast. Beersmith (I brew beer regularly) stated that I should only add 1.5 grams of lalvin 71b to...
  5. SnyderCider

    Same Type of Cider and Yeast different results

    So confused as to why one is clear and one is dark. Is this normal?
  6. Denis2121

    Cold Crash CO2

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this question. I just brewed my 3rd AG batch on 28/01, Cherry Saison. Recipe attached. This is the first time i didnt use a starter. I am fermenting in a bucket using a blowoff tube and DIY co2 harvester kit. Picture attached. Its a blowoff...
  7. F

    No Diacetyl Hazy Fermentation Schedule

    Hi everyone, I am a new brewer of hazy IPA. I have heard about the dangers of massive dry hop for hazy IPA leading to diacetyl "bombs." What is the best fermentation schedule to achieve a juicy dry hop character, but no diacetyl? Here are my assumptions: 1. BIAB on my Anvil 10.5 120V...
  8. SnyderCider

    Question about Adding Fruit after Stabilzation

    How long should fruit sit in a cider that has been stabilized?
  9. B

    Fermenting L17 imperial yeast lager help

    I need help with what I should do. Rice hull- 1/2 / .5 lbs Flaked barley - 1/4/.25lbs Corn flakes - 1 lbs Briess pale ale malt -4 lbs OG came out to 1.02 Threw 3 lbs of brown sugar into the 5gallon wort while temperatures were dropping and mixed it in. Let temperatures drop to 55 and pitched the...
  10. J

    Conical fermentation temperature control

    OK, so I don't want this to come across as a stupid question, However I have tried my best browsing the web and simply cannot find the appropriate solution... What is the best way to control the temperature on a stainless steel concial fermenter? I am still relitively new to the homebrew...
  11. S

    Fermentation chamber DIY

    First time post here. Just figured I'd share my DIY fermentation chamber that I made. I was using a chest freezer but I got sick of going up and over the side with full fermenters. I was also tired of not being able to dump from the bottom of the fermenter easily and when I would pick it up if I...
  12. N

    Wild yeast pellicle on homebrew

    Hey y’all, I recently bought some extra lids for my ferm buckets with some holes pre-drilled in them for #7 bungs. I used one for the first time a couple weeks ago when I started fermentation on an imperial porter I brewed. I used a large starter of us-05, but after a couple days, I was still...
  13. K

    Accidentally Cold Crashed a Brown Ale During Peak of Fermentation

    First off, long time/first time as they say in radio. I'm not sure where to post this so I figured here might be a good place to start. I've been poking around a lot trying to see if anyone's had similar problems but apparently the comedy (tragedy) of errors that brought me here are unique. I...
  14. V

    Strange taste after fermentation

    Hello, I am relatively beginer in the world of Brewing.Few months ago I have brew a good beer (in my opinion) with very simple receipe : -BIAB -Malt Pale Ale -Hops cascade (pellet for boiling & cones for dry hop) -Yeast : Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite 50 Since I have retest two time and it was...
  15. I

    First batch ever...is my fermentation stalled?

    Hey everybody, I'm finally starting my homebrewing journey and started my first batch about two weeks ago. This is a small 1-gallon batch. I used "Brewer's Best" American Pale Ale extract recipe. Followed instructions and everything seemed to go to plan. My airlock wasn't bubbling much but...
  16. G

    Dry taste during fermentation of Hazy IPA

    Hey guys, I am currently brewing this Hazy IPA recipe here. I am 9 days into my fermentation, my OG was a little low at 1.055 (should have been 1.062) but my current gravity is at FG stage -1.012. it’s still bubbling a little so I’m going to leave it until that stops. But upon trying it, the...
  17. Z

    Fermentation probably finished, but high final gravity

    Hello everyone and first of all I'm sorry if some of my vocabulary is weird, but I'm not a native speaker. I am super noob, I actually did a previous attempt brewing kit beer, it kinda worked, but probably due to lack of patience the batch likely did not finish fermenting and the bottles...
  18. D

    Does this look ok???

    Hi all, More noob questions (sorry) started my 2nd extract brew last week using mango jacks American pale ale. I’ve done my first test for the SPG before I add the hops. It’s not where it needs to be yet but, the sample I took has a lot of floaty bits in that I don’t remember seeing in my first...
  19. B

    Beer fermentation slowing down half way

    I don’t know what to do as this has never happened to me. I’m fermenting a doppelbock (started 2/8/21) OG 1.080 and target 1.021. I did a two packet yeast starter with Servomyces pills. The graph above I made shows it’s slowing down way to fast. It’s about 50 seconds between bubbles. It’s at...
  20. T

    Fermenting Blonde ale at 59F with Safale us-05

    Hello everyone, I have a blond ale in a carboy fermenting with US-05. Set in freezer 1 day and a half ago at 59F, just raised the temp up one more degree to 60F as it wasn't bubbling much and there where just a few hints of krausen. Plan was to ferment low first week then blow it up to 68F on...