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  1. N

    Wild yeast pellicle on homebrew

    Hey y’all, I recently bought some extra lids for my ferm buckets with some holes pre-drilled in them for #7 bungs. I used one for the first time a couple weeks ago when I started fermentation on an imperial porter I brewed. I used a large starter of us-05, but after a couple days, I was still...
  2. K

    Accidentally Cold Crashed a Brown Ale During Peak of Fermentation

    First off, long time/first time as they say in radio. I'm not sure where to post this so I figured here might be a good place to start. I've been poking around a lot trying to see if anyone's had similar problems but apparently the comedy (tragedy) of errors that brought me here are unique. I...
  3. V

    Strange taste after fermentation

    Hello, I am relatively beginer in the world of Brewing.Few months ago I have brew a good beer (in my opinion) with very simple receipe : -BIAB -Malt Pale Ale -Hops cascade (pellet for boiling & cones for dry hop) -Yeast : Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite 50 Since I have retest two time and it was...
  4. I

    First batch ever...is my fermentation stalled?

    Hey everybody, I'm finally starting my homebrewing journey and started my first batch about two weeks ago. This is a small 1-gallon batch. I used "Brewer's Best" American Pale Ale extract recipe. Followed instructions and everything seemed to go to plan. My airlock wasn't bubbling much but...
  5. G

    Dry taste during fermentation of Hazy IPA

    Hey guys, I am currently brewing this Hazy IPA recipe here. I am 9 days into my fermentation, my OG was a little low at 1.055 (should have been 1.062) but my current gravity is at FG stage -1.012. it’s still bubbling a little so I’m going to leave it until that stops. But upon trying it, the...
  6. Z

    Fermentation probably finished, but high final gravity

    Hello everyone and first of all I'm sorry if some of my vocabulary is weird, but I'm not a native speaker. I am super noob, I actually did a previous attempt brewing kit beer, it kinda worked, but probably due to lack of patience the batch likely did not finish fermenting and the bottles...
  7. D

    Does this look ok???

    Hi all, More noob questions (sorry) started my 2nd extract brew last week using mango jacks American pale ale. I’ve done my first test for the SPG before I add the hops. It’s not where it needs to be yet but, the sample I took has a lot of floaty bits in that I don’t remember seeing in my first...
  8. B

    Beer fermentation slowing down half way

    I don’t know what to do as this has never happened to me. I’m fermenting a doppelbock (started 2/8/21) OG 1.080 and target 1.021. I did a two packet yeast starter with Servomyces pills. The graph above I made shows it’s slowing down way to fast. It’s about 50 seconds between bubbles. It’s at...
  9. T

    Fermenting Blonde ale at 59F with Safale us-05

    Hello everyone, I have a blond ale in a carboy fermenting with US-05. Set in freezer 1 day and a half ago at 59F, just raised the temp up one more degree to 60F as it wasn't bubbling much and there where just a few hints of krausen. Plan was to ferment low first week then blow it up to 68F on...
  10. D

    How can I understand if my fermantation infected or not?

    Everything was fine. This was my first kit. It was pilsner. I put the yeast then closed the lid. After 20 minutes I realized there is a little leaking from faucet. I sanitized my arm and open lid, reach the gasket, tighten it, then closed the lid. I was fast. Today is the third day. Airlock...
  11. C

    Is the brown foam wild yeast?

    This is my first time brewing and im learning at every step what not to do. I over filled my fermentation vessel and the foam is getting into my air lock can i take liquid out? its been two days since i added the yeast so im not sure if its about to go down. My next question is if i have a wild...
  12. S

    DIY Temp Control for Fermenter

    Hi, I’m fairly new to homebrewing Through reading, I’ve come to learn how crucial temperature control during fermentation can be. With this said, I would like to attempt to build a DIY temp control setup and have an idea that I was going to attempt but wanted to first get some input as to...
  13. M

    First Batch Questions!

    So I'm very excited to start the brewing journey! I bought a kit and a few weeks ago started making my first batch using the recipe that came with the kit (Fresh Squished IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit). It has been fermenting for 13 days now, and their suggestion is to bottle on day 14. However...
  14. BeBetterBrewing

    DIY Fermentation Station

    Ability to hold 3 fermenters. Temp pretty controlled in the basement during winter. what do you think?
  15. Ele

    Expanding BiBs

    Evening everyone, I’ve been having some issues with BiBs; it’s not consistent, which is why I’m so perplexed Basically, a few BiBs have expanded a week or so after filling The bag with the liquid in is NOT expanding, it’s the outer bag that is filling with air, for no discernible reason I can...
  16. S

    IPA - No Carb and Sweet

    Hello! I’m hoping someone could help me out here. I recently brewed a Fresh Squeezed IPA clone and I recently tasted a bottle after two weeks in the primary bucket fermenter and two weeks bottle conditioning. When I opened the bottle, I first noticed there is very little carbonation. I poured...
  17. Trashbagofpotatoes

    New home brewer wondering about splitting a batch into two separate containers

    I’m new to home brewing and have only done a few all grain batches (all 1 gallon) and I was wondering if I size up to 2 gallon batches if it’s possible to ferment the 2 gallons in 2 seperate one gallon fermenters? I want to do this because I would like 1 gallon of the original beer and 1 gallon...
  18. BryggAnton

    Little/no krausen in my fermenter

    Hey folks! I'm brewing a 4,5% ABV IPA with pretty much hops in it. Most added at flame out. I'm starting to wonder if I messed up somewhere since there are no krausen on top in my fermenter. I pitched the yeast 5 days ago, day 3 it looked like it was fermenting quite vigorously. At day 4 it...
  19. M

    FG reached/huge Krausen

    Hi all first time poster here! I recently purchased a grainfather and carried out my first ever brewing experience, I sanitised like crazy followed all the rules and have the beer/wort sat in a plastic fermenting bucket in the fridge sat at 19.5c, it’s a Belgian Dubbel and the recipe calls for...
  20. Aidkb97


    Hi I’m doing my first homebrew and I’m on day 3 of fermentation, just wondered if some more experienced homebrewers could take a look at the images and help me confirm no bacteria’s gotten into it. Also my current temperatures at about 17.6c and is this a bit too warm for fermentation and will...