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  1. A

    Festabrew kit in Fastferment

    Hey guys New to the conical fastferment style fermenters and very little experience in general. I did a festa brew kit ages ago in a "standard" bucket style fermenter but am not sure what I should do different with a fastferment. Festabrew instructions talk about racking and secondary...
  2. B

    FastFerment DIY stand

    Hello! I recently bought a 7.9Gal FastFerment and was wondering how everyone has theirs mounted I did not the stand as it doesn’t seem sturdy and the reviews say it’s difficult to transport. It came with wall mounts but I can’t really see how that’s practical. I saw this design online and it...
  3. J

    How To Use The FastFerment For Wine

    Hello all! I have posted a few threads trying to discover the correct procedures for making a great wine using wine kits such as Winexpert, Eclipse, etc.. I have taken suggestions from many of you and combined them into a procedure that I thought was best. However, I have been doing it all...
  4. A

    The HomeBrewTalk 2015 Big Giveaway Enter Now!

    Once a year many of our Sponsors come together and donate prizes in order to give back to our community and show their appreciation for your patronage, and this year is no different. We have some new and longtime sponsors donating, making this one of the biggest giveaways in HomeBrewTalk...
  5. N

    Ohio 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg, Fastferment, 6.5 gallon glass carboys, and 5 gallon glass carboys

    Looking to get rid of some of my fermenting equipment I no longer have need for. Selling three 5 gallon ball lock kegs ($50 each), one 7.9 gallon fasterment with accessories (Thermometer, FastFerment Strap, FastFerment 3-Piece Stand, Fermentation jacket) $65 , two 6.5 gallon glass carboys $25...
  6. Scientific hippie

    My Malbec kit came out great!

    After all the tinkering and Teflon taping and worrying about the sampling port installation on the FastFerment, I loaded it up with Cellar Craft Argentine Malbec. I put the grape skins in the hop basket and squooshed them daily. Toward the end of the 8-week secondary fermentation, I sampled it...
  7. S

    Anyone received their washer from FastBrewing yet?

    Hey guys, I got in and purchased the fastwasher a while back and recently was told they were shipping out. A couple of weeks went by and nothing, so I reached out to them and they told me there was a shipping issue but they had resolved it and I would receive the washer last week. Time goes...
  8. M

    Replacement for Fast Fermenter 14 gal valve?

    I'm being gifted a FF 14 gallon conical fermenter, but without the union valve. It seems they don't have replacement valves available yet, any suggestions on a compatible part solution? Was looking at union valves online but unsure whether any plastic options are food safe.
  9. D

    FastFerment 3g

    Looking at one of these for my smaller trial batches, particularly for the yeast harvesting. I am finding I like doing smaller batches for the variety, but 1 gallon is just a little too small. Looking at reviews, it appears that at least at first each of the FastFerment units had some quality...
  10. Zuljin

    FastFerment. A First Brew Review.

    FastFerment. A First Brew Review. My wife bought a FastFerment for me this Christmas. Yeah. She’s cool like that. I just bottled my first brew fermented in it. Pros: 1. It’s the least expensive way to buy a new conical. Mine came with the main vessel, two collection bowls, one...
  11. B

    First Time FastFermenter

    To all my fellow FastFermenters: I am using the 3 gallon conical for the first time. I attached a larger mason jar to the unit, and after a week of fermentation, I've got an 8oz mason jar full of trub, as well as an additional 1L of trub in the fermenter. I am trying to figure out the best way...
  12. B

    Small Batch Yield

    I just brewed my first 2.5 gallon batch to put into my FastFerment 3 gallon conical. I'm kind of disappointed, because I brewed a Session IPA and used a hop "basket" (, and still ended up with a bunch of trub in my...
  13. fr5ed

    Florida (2) FastFerment Conical Fermenters

    These two fermenters are being sold together. Includes: - conical fermenter and collection bulb (2) - lid and gasket (2) - stopper for blow-off tube (1) (just need tubing) - stopper and airlock (1) - racking assembly (1) (just need tubing) - sampling port (installed) (2) - wall mount brackets...
  14. F

    14G FastFerment Presale

    Hi Everyone, We hope the week is going great! All of our products at Fastbrewing & Winemaking come from suggestions from homebrewers and winemakers. We love getting feedback on how to improve our current products and also what we should make next. Please keep emailing us with your questions...
  15. F

    Free Accessory Giveaway!

    Thermometer? Collection Ball? Strap? Sample Port? ... Which one will you choose? FastBrewing & WineMaking is giving away 1 Free Accessory when you purchase a Starter Kit online and post a review. Check out more details here: