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  1. voicelex

    New England IPA 12 Day Session NEIPA

    I wanted to brew this beer for two reason, one to see if I could and two because I had a party coming up and like so many recipes, this was based on necessity! Efficiency: 70% Ingredients: 6 lbs US 2-row malt 2 lbs white wheat malt 2 lbs flaked oats 4 oz Crystal 120L 4 oz lactose 1 oz...
  2. S

    Anyone received their washer from FastBrewing yet?

    Hey guys, I got in and purchased the fastwasher a while back and recently was told they were shipping out. A couple of weeks went by and nothing, so I reached out to them and they told me there was a shipping issue but they had resolved it and I would receive the washer last week. Time goes...