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  1. C

    Dump or keep Raspberry wine smelling of petrol

    Dump or keep . Had some really warm weather and this Raspberry wine fermented dry in primary in four days as I wasn't keeping tabs on it. Starting SG was quite low at 62. Smells of petrol. Racked it off the lees and tried getting a bit of air into it. Acidity is pH 3.43. Don't know whether to...
  2. AnbyG

    Very fast fermentation of (almost) all wheat beer with yeast starter of Safale WB-06

    Last weekend I attempted to brew an (almost) all wheat beer utilizing some leftover grains/extract to clear up some space in the pantry. Long story short, I did not have enough ice to throw in wort to cool it down rapidly to 70 F. So I left it at room temperature overnight (~18 hours) to cool...
  3. A

    Faster than Usual Fermentation?

    Hi Folks - Thanks for reading my post. Quick fermentation question...just made an Irish Red and used liquid yeast for the first time [WLP 004 Irish Ale]. It took a good 36 hours to start showing airlock activity, but when it did, it seemed noticeably highly active and only seemed to last...