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  1. MikeScott

    Advanced Yeast Starter Techniques

    In the last 3 years, I've had a really significant jump in the quality of my beers, and I've attributed it primarily to great yeast health and viability. As the saying goes, brewers make wort, yeast make beer. There's a crazy amount of information out there about yeast health and starters, and...
  2. S

    North Carolina 4 FastBrewing FastFermenters for sale

    4 bodies - hoses, collection ball 4 stands 3 Thermometers 3 sets of wall mounts 1 extra body that has a leak on the thermowell threads. I was considering drill it out and capping the whole off. Retail is normally: Body - $100 Thermometer - $22 Stand - $32...
  3. U

    Illinois Fermenting and temperature control equipment - $200

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $200 for everything (over $370 in equipment) pictures of each item below: 2 Fastferment 3 gallon conical fermenters, brand new never used in box $40/each or both for $60 Stainless steel dry hopping tube, 2...
  4. M

    Fastferment 3 gallon seal issue

    I started a batch of cider in my new fastferment 8 days ago. The issue I seem to be having is that the top lid doesn't seem to be closing tight enough and is allowing a bit of c02 to escape the side. Should I bother racking into secondary or just wait 3 more weeks to bottle? Also the airlock...
  5. Zuljin

    FastFerment. A First Brew Review.

    FastFerment. A First Brew Review. My wife bought a FastFerment for me this Christmas. Yeah. She’s cool like that. I just bottled my first brew fermented in it. Pros: 1. It’s the least expensive way to buy a new conical. Mine came with the main vessel, two collection bowls, one...