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  1. B

    How big of a threat is oxidation when re fermenting beer on grapes

    Hey, first post here so go easy on me. I have been brewing mostly wild fermented and mixed culture beers for about 6 years. I am aware of all of the standard answers about headspace and oxidation as well as the fact that these matters aren’t always so clear when it comes to mixed culture beer. I...
  2. milleniarist

    Seeking permanent haze in a witbier

    I'm doing my research for brewing a Witbier with 45% heirloom raw wheat and I found this remark in Stan Hieronymus' ´Brewing with Wheat´: I've had exactly that happening to a saison I made using 20% raw wheat + 20% malted wheat + 5% flaked oats; the haze precititated in the bottle during the...
  3. Yuletide

    4 Gallon first time report -- wild & funky

    Hey folks, finally got my first batch of juice going and had a few questions I'll put below after the progress so far. Here's a thread to share progress as I go. Source: 4 Gallons, Unpasteurized "Hand-picked, Tree-Ripened" cider from a roadside stand in Philo, CA split into two batches Yeast: 3...
  4. D

    Cucumber mint saison recipe—help?

    Given that summertime is upon us, i have decided to throw together a nice refreshing saison, but seeing as I have never made my own before, I would like some help with the recipe(also any opinions or suggestions are very welcomed). I am putting together a cucumber mint saison. Here is the...
  5. A

    Funk In The House Part II

    Funk In The House Part II Funk In The House Part I (found here), covered a very brief introduction to Brettanomyces and and overview to the Funk In The House Experiment. To recap, Brettanomyces is a wild yeast, robust and versatile enough for use in primary fermentation (100% Brettanomyces...
  6. M

    Help me out with a Saison recipe :).

    Hey guys! I brewed some IPA-s and APA-s but i still kinda new in the brewing scene. Since the weather is warmer my base yeasts went out from fashion until autumn. (Safale US 04-05). Ive decided to brew a saison so ive ordered a package of Safale Saison BE 134. I have wheat malt, cara belge...
  7. BilltownBrewingCo

    Voss Kveik

    Hey all! I am looking to build a recipe around some VK that i will have saved after I rack my current raspberry wheat and save it. I have done some reading, and I'm not sure I want to do the full blown juniper berry norweigian farmhouse ale, and I've got some WLP007 that I can do any PA or...
  8. T

    Prairie Vous Francais extract clone help!

    I really want to jump into a sour beer with something low abv, crisp, and refreshing. Could anyone help with an extract clone of Prairie Vous Francais from Prairie Artisan Ales? This is what the website says, “Prairie Vous Francais is our farmhouse ale modeled after our first beer, Prairie...
  9. G

    Intentionally stressing the yeast - looking for advice

    I am looking for experienced brewers, who can tell how they intentionally stressed yeast when going for specific flavours (e.g. for Saisons, Farmhouse ales). I've read some people here using 20% less yeast and saying it is for stressing the yeast, but pure logic contradicts that 20% can mean...
  10. The Decembeerist

    Classic Saison - 2 Time Best of Show Winner

    10 GALLON SAISON RECIPE: GRAINS 17 lbs Franco/Belgian Pilsner Malt 2 lbs CaraPils 3 lbs Vienna Malt HOPS 2 oz Perle Hops (60 mins) 2 oz East Kent Golding Hops (10 mins) 3 oz Saaz Hops (0 min) YEAST French Saison Yeast (Wyeast 3711) WHIRLPOOL ADDITIONS 2 TBS fresh cracked coriander...